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  PhD, 2003, Middle East Technical University, Educational Sciences
  M.A/M.S, 1996, Middle East Technical University, Educational Sciences
  B.A/B.S, 1990, Middle East Technical University, Foreign Language Education
  Certificate, 1993, Cote, RSA Cambridge

Employment Record

  1992 - 1997, Instructor, Bilkent University
  1997 - now, Instructor, Middle East Technical University
  2005 - 2006, Asst. Prof., METU-Fac. Of Educ.

Committee Work

  1998 - 1999, Materials Development, Cousebook Writing (ENG101),
  2002 - 2004, Curriculum/Syllabbus Design, SFL Curriculum Design,
  2003 - 2004, Materials Development, Coursebook Writing (ENG101),
  2004 - 2005, Other, SFL Curriculum Evaluation,
  2006 - 2006, Teacher Training, Teacher Development,
  2007 - 2008, Development of a Centre/Projects, Writing Center Tutor,
  2009 - 2009, Other, SFL KADEK committee membership,

Conference Presentations

  AERA, The Relationship btw Achievement Goal Orientations & Use of Learning S, 1997
  INGED, Evaluating the Curriculum of a Freshman English Course, 1998
  33rd IATEFL, Designing a Curriculum for a Freshman English Writing Course, 1999
  TESOL, Instructional Policy Making in an EFL Context, 2001
  ECER, An Analysis of Change in Pre-service Teacher Education in Turkey: Does, 2005
  TESOL, Egypt, Curriculum Renewal Process in an Academic ESL Setting: Success or Fail, 2005


  Original Textbooks/Workbooks, Sagcı, I, Somuncuoğlu, Y, Ünlüsoy, S., The Realm of Reading, METU Press, Ankara, 1999
  Original Textbooks/Workbooks, English for Academic Purposes I, METU Press, Ankara, 2004

Journal paper, chapter in a book, conference paper, review of a work

  Journal Paper, Somuncuoğlu, Y. & Yıldırım, A., Öğrenme Stratejileri: Teorik Boyutları, Araştırma Bulguları ve Uygulam, Eğitim ve Bilim, 1998, 110, 31-39
  Journal Paper, Somuncuoglu, Y. & Yıldırım, A., The Relationship between Achievement Goal Orientations and the Use of, The Journal od Educational Research, 1999, 5, 262-277
  Journal Paper, Somuncuoğlu, Y. & Yıldırım, A., Öğrenme Stratejileri Kullanımının Çeşitli Değişkenlerle İlişkisi, Eğitim ve Bilim, 2000, 115, 57-64
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