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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Architecture
  Master's, Ecole d'Architecture Paris-Villemin, Architecture
  Doctorate, Middle East Technical University, Architecture

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

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  A.4 Zeynep Mennan, Mind the Gap: Reconciling Formalism and Intuitionism in Computational Design Research. "Footprint, Delft Architecture Theory Journal", 8, (2014), p.33-42.

Conference Papers

  A.1 Mennan, Z., Une intervention philanthropique au mode d'habitat des classes.... "IAPS 12 International Conference Proceedings", 4, (1992), p.348-353.
  A.2 Mennan, Zeynep, The Great Virtual Library: Notes towards a Theory of Junk Economy. "CongressCATH 2005: The Ethics and Politics of Virtuality and Indexicality", (2005).

Book and Chapter in a Book

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Translation of a Book or Chapter in a Book

Review of a Book

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Publications (NATIONAL)


Journal Papers

  A.1 Mennan,Z., Type-Form: Process and object of invention. "Studyolar", (1994), s.44-45.
  A.2 Akozer,E.,Mennan,Z., Urban design as a learning process. "Studyolar", (1995), s.20-29.
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Conference Papers

  A.1 Mennan, Zeynep, Kültürel Belleğin Gerçek ve Sanal Saklama Sistemleri: Bir Çöp Ekonomisi Kuramı. "III. Disiplinlerarası Mimarlık-Felsefe Toplantısı,: Zaman.Mekan, Mekan.Zaman", (2005).
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Book and Chapter in a Book

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