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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Chemical Eng.
  Doctorate, University Of New Brunswick, Chemical Eng.


Thesis Supervised

  A.1 Study of Reactivity of Coal in Carbonization and Gasification by Thermogravimetric Analysis. Msc Thesis. Gaye Ö. Yücel. (1998)
  A.2 Combustion of Nut Shells in a Tubular Furnace. Msc Thesis. Teoman Çakal. (1998)
  A.3 The Effect of Demineralization on Lignite Activation. Msc Thesis. İlhan Doğru. (1998)
  A.4 Study of Mathematical Modelling of Thermal Decomposition of Coal. Msc Thesis. Ünalp Üçtepe. (2000)
  A.5 Energy Optimization in a Yankee Hood Dryer. Msc Thesis. Selis Önel. (2000)
  A.6 Flow Sheet Optimization by the Concept of Sustainable Development in Pulp and Paper Industry. Msc Thesis. İsmail Doğan. (2000)
  A.7 The Energy Analysis and the Multivariable Energy Optimization of a Yankee Hood Dryer. Msc Thesis. Akın Salih Toppare. (2002)
  A.8 Mass Transfer and Kinetics in Oxygen Delignification. Phd Thesis. İsmail Doğan. (2004)
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