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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Chemical Eng.
  Doctorate, University Of New Brunswick, Chemical Eng.

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 Şenel, İ.G., Gürüz, A.G., Yücel, H., Kandas, A.W. and Sarofin, A.F., Characterization of Pore Structure of Turkish Coals. "Energy and Fuels", 15, (2001), p.331-338.
  A.2 Orbey, H., Balcı, C. and Gürüz, A.G., Phase Equilibrium of Asymmetric Systems by Predictive Equations of State Models. "Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research", 41, (2002), p.963-967.
  A.3 Doğan, İ., Gürüz, G., Waste Minimization in a Bleach Plant. "Advances in Environmental Research", (2004), p.359-369.
  A.4 Guruz, G.A., Uctepe, U., Durusoy, T., Mathematical modeling of thermal decomposition of coal. "JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL AND APPLIED PYROLYSIS", 71, (2004), p.537-551.

Conference Papers

  A.1 Guruz,G. and Cakal,T., Combustion of Nutshells in a Tubular Furnace. "AICHE Annual Meeting 1999", (1999).
  A.2 Guruz, G., Yucel, G. O. and Yucel, H., Study of Reactivity of Coal in Carbonization and Gasification by Thermogravimetric Analysis. "AIChE Annual Meeting 1999", (1999).
  A.3 Orbey, H., Gürüz, G. and Balcı, C., Phase Equilibrium of Asymmetric Systems by Predictive Equations of State Model. "2000 AIChE Annual Meeting", (2000).
  A.4 Önel, S. and Gürüz, G., Energy Optimization in a Yankee Hood Dryer. "ITSS-International Thermal Science Seminar", 2, (2000), p.61-67.
  A.5 Gürüz, G. and Doğan, İ., Flow Sheet Optimization by the Concept of Sustainable Development in Pulp and Paper Industry. "2000 AIChE Annual Meeting", (2000).
  A.6 Gürüz, A.G., Toppare, A.S. and Önel, E.S., Energy Analyses and Optimization in a Yankee Hood Dryer. "AICHE 2001 Annual Meeting", (2001).
  A.7 Doğan, İ.and Gürüz, A. G., Oxygen Delignification Kinetics at Ultra-low Consistency. "AIChE Annual Meeting 2003, San Francisco, USA, 2003", (2003), p.6.
  A.8 Doğan, İ., Gürüz, G.A., Oxygen Delignification Kinetics at Ultra-Low Consistency. "16th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering CHISA 2004", 1, (2004), p.280-281.

Publications (NATIONAL)


Conference Papers

  A.1 Yücel G.Ö., Gürüz G. ve Yücel, H., Termogravimetrik Analiz Yöntemi ile Türk Kömürlerinin Karbonizasyonu ve CO2 Aktivasyonu Sonucu Reaksiyona Girme Hızlarının Belirlenmesi. "UKMK 3 Erzurum", (1998).
  A.2 Selis, Ö. and Gürüz, G., Yankee Hood Kurutucusunda Enerji Optimizasyonu. "IV. Ulusal Kimya Mühendisliği Kongresi", (2000), s.655-662.
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