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  Bachelor's, ITU, Mining Eng.
  Master's, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, Mineral Engineer
  Doctorate, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, Mineral Engineer

Membership and Awards



  A.1 Parlar Vakfı. "Parlar METU Thesis of the year", (10.2011)


  A.1 TMMOB Maden Maden Müh Odası Madencilik Dergisi Bilimsel Kurulu Üyesi . 1 JANUARY 2003 - 1 DECEMBER 2003.
  A.2 The Internaional Journal of Mineral Mesources Engineering . 1 JANUARY 2006 - 1 DECEMBER 2006.
  A.3 Member of board of editors of a journal . 1 JANUARY 2007 - 1 DECEMBER 2007.
  A.4 Member of board of editors of a journal . 1 JANUARY 2015 - 1 DECEMBER 2015.


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  A.5 TİDEB Projesi. 2004.
  A.6 Madencilik Dergisi. 2004.
  A.7 Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering. 2004.
  A.8 The European Journal of Mineral Processing and Environmental Protection. 2004.
  A.9 HÜ Yerbilimleri Uygulama ve Araştırma Merkezi Bülteni. 2004.
  A.10 Ore Dressing. 2004.
  A.11 ODTÜ BAP Projesi. 2004.
  A.12 Journal of Hazardous Materials. 2004.
  A.13 HÜ BAP Proje Teklifi. 2004.
  A.14 TÜBİTAK TİDEB. 2005.
  A.15 Genelkurmay Stratejik Araştırma ve Etüd Merkezi Başkanlığı. 2005.
  A.16 Madencilik Dergisi. 2005.
  A.17 Ore Dressing. 2006.
  A.18 International Mineral Processing Congress. 2006.
  A.19 Madencilik Dergisi. 2006.
  A.20 TÜBİTAK TEYDEB. 2006.
  A.21 The International Journal of Mineral Resources Engineering. 2007.
  A.22 Madencilik Dergisi. 2007.
  A.23 The International Journal of Mineral Resources Engineering. 2008.
  A.24 BAP. 2010.
  A.25 Madencilik. 2010.
  A.26 Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 2012.
  A.27 Separation Science and Technology. 2012.
  A.28 Muhtelif. 2012.
  A.29 TEYDEB. 2013.
  A.30 Several. 2013.
  A.31 BAP. 2013.
  A.32 BAP Projeleri. 2014.
  A.33 Separation and Purification Technology. 2014.
  A.34 BAP. 2015.
  A.35 Separation and Purification Technology. 2015.
  A.36 International Journal of Mineral Processing. 2015.
  A.37 Powder Technology. 2016.
  A.38 Journal of Cleaner Production. 2016.
  A.39 Waste Management & Research. 2016.
  A.40 Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. 2017.
  A.42 Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing. 2017.

Conference and Seminar Organization

  A.1 Özbayoğlu, G., Hoşten, Ç., Atalay, Ü., Hiçyılmaz C. and & Arol, A.İ., 8th International Mineral Processing Symposium. "METU", (10.2000).
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  A.4 Gülhan Özbayoğlu; Ali Ihsan Arol, XVII International Coal Preparation Congress. "International Organizing Committee", (10.2013).
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