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Thesis Supervised

  A.1 The effect of a self-esteem enrichment program on the self-esteem levels of elementary school students. Msc Thesis. Berna Güloğlu. (1999)
  A.2 The role of personality variables in predicting the reported physical health symptoms of male and female college students. Msc Thesis. Meltem Üstündağ-Budak. (1999)
  A.3 The effect of social skills training on perceived dimensions of social skills and sociometric status of primary school students. Phd Thesis. Zeynep Hatipoğlu-Sümer. (1999)
  A.4 Advancement of a counseling model for Metu:A needs assessment study with the university of Minnesota and Metu students and Metu counseling staff. Phd Thesis. Oya Yerin-Güneri. (1999)
  A.5 The Relationship between Attachment Styles of Adolescents and Their Family Environments. . Msc Thesis. Zeynep Ülkü Gezer. (2001)
  A.6 The relationship between family environment and gender-role identity across male and female adolescents. Msc Thesis. Ezgi Altun. (2001)
  A.7 The Relationships of Identity Status with Parental attitudes, Family Type and Parental Education Level in Adolescents.. Msc Thesis. Gülfem Çakır. (2001)
  A.8 The effect of an activity-based cognitive fear reduction program on the fears of earthquake victim children.. Msc Thesis. Özlem Karairmak. (2001)
  A.9 Learned resourcefulness in institutionalized and non-institutionalized adolescents. Msc Thesis. Güler Boyraz. (2002)
  A.10 The dimensions of perfectionism and their relations to helpless explanatory style. Msc Thesis. Zeynep Eda Sun Selışık. (2003)
  A.11 Academic Resilience: An Investigation of Protective Factors Contributing to the Academic Achievement of Eight Grade Students in Poverty. Phd Thesis. Cem Ali Gizir. (2004)
  A.12 The Effects of an Attachment Oriented Psychoeducational Group Training on Improving the Preoccupied Attachment Styles of University Students. Phd Thesis. Şule Çelik. (2004)
  A.13 The Role of Hope and Study Skills in Predicting Test Anxiety Levels of University Students . Msc Thesis. Serkan Denizli. (2004)
  A.14 The Effect of Bullying Management Training on Bullying Behaviors of Elementary School Students.. Phd Thesis. Funda Kutlu. (2005)
  A.15 Paths from Fear of Death to Subjective Well Being: A Study of Structural Equation Modeling Based on the Terror Management Theory Perspective.. Phd Thesis. Ömer Faruk Şimşek. (2005)

Project Work

  A.1 Afet bölgesi öğretmen-öğrenci-veli destek projesi. AFP 99-07-00-10, 1 OCTOBER 1999 - 1 APRIL 2000. Coordinator .
  A.2 Korkuyla başa çıkma programının depreme maruz kalmış çocukların deprem korkuları üzerindeki etkisi. AFP-2000-05-02-01, 1 APRIL 2000 - 1 APRIL 2001. Coordinator .
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