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  Doctorate, Middle East Technical University, Physics


Thesis Supervised

  A.1 The inclusive B->X \tau \tau decay in the two Higgs doublet model. Msc Thesis. Guray Erkol. (2001)
  A.2 The inclusive semileptonic decays of the B-meson in a cp softly broken two higgs doublet model. Msc Thesis. Hilal Acar. (2004)
  A.3 The standard model analysis of the cp violation in the inclusive semileptonic B-meson decays. Msc Thesis. Zeynep Deniz Eyg'. (2004)

Project Work

  A.1 Ağır lepton Çifti Olusturan Nadir B-meson Bozunmalarinin Standart Model Ötesi Modellerde Incelenmesi. Mıddle East Technıcal Unıversıty, 1 JULY 2000 - 1 JULY 2001. Researcher .
  A.2 Ağır lepton çifti oluşturan nadir B-meson bozunmalarının Standart Model ötesi modellerde incelenmesi. METU, 1 JULY 2000 - 1 JULY 2001. Researcher .
  A.3 Eksklusif yarı-leptonik B->K(K*)l+l- nadir B-meson bozunmalarının CP simetrisinin kendiliğinden kırıldığı. BAP, 1 JUNE 2002 - 1 MAY 2003. Coordinator .
  A.4 Derin Elastik-Olmayan ve Yarı-Fizyon Reaksiyonlarında Nükleon Difüzyon Mekanizmasının Kuantal Olarak Incelenmesi. Projects funded within the scope of TUBITAK National Academic Support Programs Scientific and Technological Research Projects (3501, 1001 etc.) , 1 OCTOBER 2017 - 1 DECEMBER 2017. Researcher .
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