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  Doctorate, Middle East Technical University, Sociology

Membership and Awards



  A.1 Fulbright. "Fulbright Visiting Scholarship (for the 2004-2005 Academic Year for Six Months)", (12.2003)
  A.2 ODTÜ. "ODTÜ ÖDÜLÜ", (7.2003)
  A.3 Fulbright Institute, Washington, USA. "Globalization in Context: Local Governments and the Creation of Popular City Cul", (1.2004)
  A.4 Fulbright. "Fulbright Visiting Scholarship 2004-2005 Academic Year, 6 Months, January-July", (1.2005)
  A.5 ODTU. "ODTÜ ödülü", (5.2005)
  A.6 METU. "METU Incentive Premium for Performance Awards", (7.2009)
  A.7 ODTU SBE. "Tez Performans Odulu", (6.2010)
  A.8 Thesis of the Year-Advisor. "Mustafa N. Parlar METU Thesis of the Year", (12.2015)


  A.1 Member of board of editors of a journal . 1 MARCH 2008 - .
  A.2 Member of board of editors of a journal . - 1 DECEMBER 2010.


  A.1 Women and Politics. 2005.
  A.2 Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi. 2006.
  A.3 Journal of Women, Politics and Policy. 2006.
  A.4 Area. 2007.
  A.5 National Identities. 2007.
  A.6 Studies in Social Justice. 2007.
  A.7 South European Society and Politics. 2007.
  A.8 City and Society. 2008.
  A.9 Feminist Media Studies. 2008.
  A.10 Feminist Media Studies. 2009.
  A.11 Journal of Middle East Women Studies. 2009.
  A.12 Transactions of the Institute of Brisitish Geographers. 2009.
  A.13 South European Society and Politics. 2010.
  A.14 Sosyoloji Arastirmalari Dergisi. 2010.
  A.15 Social Politics. 2010.
  A.16 Sosyoloji Araştırmaları Dergisi. 2011.
  A.17 Democratization. 2011.
  A.18 Feminist Economics. 2011.
  A.19 Signs. 2011.
  A.20 Gender and Society. 2013.
  A.21 BAP. 2013.
  A.22 American Journal of Sociology. 2014.
  A.23 METU Journal of the Faculty of Architecture. 2014.
  A.24 METU.JFA. 2015.
  A.25 Turkish Studies. 2015.
  A.26 Space and Culture. 2016.
  A.27 Gender and Society. 2016.
  A.28 International Journal of Middle East Studies. 2016.
  A.29 METU, JFA. 2016.
  A.30 British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies. 2016.

Conference and Seminar Organization

  A.1 Ayse Saktanber & Gul Çorbacıoğlu, Workshop for EU FP6 Program Project VEIL. "Department of Sociology", (2.2007).
  A.2 Ayşe Saktanber and Gül Çorbacıoğlu, Özgürlükler, Haklar ve Sınırlar. "METU", (10.2008).
  A.3 ISA Council of National Associations, TSBD, SD, METU, ISA CNS Sociology in Times of Turmoil. "ISA, METU, TSSBD,", (5.2013).
  A.4 Ayse Saktanber and F.Umut Beşpınar, Author Meets Critics:Sex, Love and Piety among Turkish Youth,G.Özyegin. "METU Department of Sociology", (10.2015).
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