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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Mechanical Eng.
  Master's, Middle East Technical University, Mechanical Eng.
  Doctorate, Middle East Technical University, Mechanical Eng.

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 H.Alaylıoğlu, A.Alaylıoğlu and S.Oral, Assessment of dynamic response FD algorithms by beam and plate FE computations. "Advanced Engineering Software", 10, (1988), p.175-182.
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  A.3 S.Oral and A.Barut, A shear flexible facet shell element for large deflection and instability analysis. " Appl. Mechanics and Eng.", 93, (1991), p.415-431.
  A.4 S.Oral, A shear flexible finite element for nonuniform laminated composite beams. "Computers and Structures", 38, (1991), p.353-360.
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  A.8 S.K.İder and S.Oral, Filament-wound composite links in multibody systems. "Computers and Structures", 58, (1996), p.465-469.
  A.9 S.Oral, An improved semianalytical method for sensitivity analysis. "Structural Optimization", 11, (1996), p.67-69.
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  A.11 Oral, S. and Darendeliler, H., Optimum Die Profile for Cylindrical Bending of Plates. "Journal of Materials Processing Technology", 70, (1997), p.151-155.
  A.12 S.Oral and A.Uz, A two-step method for the optimum design of trusses with commercially available sections. "J. Structural Engineering and Mechanics", 5, (1997), p.59-68.
  A.13 S.Oral and S.K.İder, Optimum design of high-speed flexible robotic arms with dynamic behavior constraints. "Computers and Structures", 65, (1997), p.255-259.
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  A.15 Oral, S., A Mindlin Plate Finite Element with Semi-analytical Shape Design Sensitivities. "Computers and Structures", 78, (2000), p.467-472.

Conference Papers

  A.1 İ.Kasap and S.Oral, The effect of curved fiber courses in the design of composite laminates. "2nd World Congress of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization", -, (1997), p.675-679.
  A.2 Oral, S., A Computational Procedure to Predict Delamination Damage in Composite Plates under Ballistic Impact. "5th International Conference on Composites Engineering", -, (1998), p.687-688.
  A.3 Oral, S., Sensitivity Analysis with Non-locking Three-node Mindlin Plate Elements. "4th International Conference on Computational Structures Technology", -, (1998), p.349-355.
  A.4 Oral, S., A Hybrid-stress Finite Element for Stiffened Composite Shells. "ICCE/6 Sixth International Conference on Composite Engineering", (1999), p.629-630.

Publications (NATIONAL)

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