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  Bachelor's, Paris VI, Pierre-et-Marie Curie, Mathematics
  Doctorate, Paris VI, Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, Mathematics


Thesis Supervised

  A.1 Cebirsel Fonksiyon Cisimlerinin Sinif Sayilari. Phd Thesis. Hulya Tore. (1983)
  A.2 Reel Abelsel Sayi Cisimlerinin Sinif Sayilari. Phd Thesis. Hatice Kandamar. (1983)
  A.3 Error Estimates in Effective Versions of Tchebotarev DensityTheor. Msc Thesis. Fusun Akman. (1986)
  A.4 Vectors of Small Hamming Weight on the Linear Span Codes Codes of the Projective Planes of Orders 5 and 10. Phd Thesis. James Conlon. (1986)
  A.5 On de Rham-Witt Complex and Crystallin Cohomology. Msc Thesis. Okan Tekman. (1986)
  A.6 Continued Fractions and Some Number-Theoritic Computations. Msc Thesis. Salti Samara. (1989)
  A.7 Explicit Class Field Theory for Rational Function Fields. Msc Thesis. Abdelhalim Zikan. (1989)
  A.8 Sets of Primes Determined by Systems of Polynomial Congruences and Densities of Primes Dividing the Lucas Numbers. Msc Thesis. Selma Altinok. (1991)
  A.9 Class Number of ( V,n,M )- Extensions. Phd Thesis. Osama Alkam. (1993)
  A.10 Drinfeld Modules. Msc Thesis. Yakup Esen. (1997)
  A.11 Riemann Hypothesis for Function Fields. Msc Thesis. Burcu Gulmez. (1998)
  A.12 On Implementation Theory. Phd Thesis. Omur Celmanbet. (1999)
  A.13 Lubin-Tate Theory. Phd Thesis. Erol Serbest. (1999)
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