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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Physics
  Master's, Middle East Technical University, Physics
  Doctorate, Middle East Technical University, Physics

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

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Conference Papers

  A.1 Z Matalgah,H kırbıyık,R Civelek,N Kızıloglu, Second order rotational effect om the oscillation frequencies of V1162 Ori. "Helas II. International conference- helioseismology,asteroseismology and MHD connections", (2007).

Publications (NATIONAL)


Journal Papers

  A.1 D.Eryurt,H.Kırbıyık,N.Kızıloglu,R.Civelek, The Effect of Rotational Diffusion on the Distribution of Chemical Elements. "Doga,TrJ.Phys.Astrphys", 16, (1992), s.204-216.
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Conference Papers

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Book and Chapter in a Book

  A.1 N Kızıloglu,Ü Kızıloglu,H Kırbıyık,F R Civelek, E Beklen, Evren Nasıl Oluştu ?. "Mıddle East Technical University Press", (2007), s.148.
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