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  Doctorate, Middle East Technical University, Aeronautical Eng.

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 ÖZDER S.,ATILGAN I.,KATIRCIOĞLU B., Standard Deviation Distribution of Potential Fluctuations in MOS Structure,Obtaıned from DLTS SPECTRA. "Modelling Simul.Mater.Sci.Eng.,", 6, (1998), p.261-271.
  A.2 İsmail Atılgan,Serhat Özder,Orhan Özdemir,Bayram Katırcıoğlu, Admittance analysis of an MIS structure made with PECVD deposited a-Si. "J.NON-CRYSTALLINE SOLIDS", 249, (1999), p.131-144.
  A.3 Orhan Özdemir,İsmail Atılgan,Bayram Katırcıoğlu, Instability evolution within a-SiNx film assessed through MIS structure under bias and temperature stresses. "Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids", 296, (2001), p.27-38.
  A.4 O.Özdemir,İ.Atılgan and B.Katırcıoğlu, Investigation of carbon rich a-SiCx:H film through MIS and MIM structures by DLTS and admittance measurements. "13th Euro. Conference on diamond,diamond-like materials,carbon nanotubes,nitrides& silicon carbide", DIAMOND 02, (2002), p.9.
  A.5 B.Akaoglu,I.Atilgan,B.Katircioglu, Thickness and optical constant distributions of PECVD a-SiCx:H thin films along electrode radial direction. "Thin Solid Films", 437, (2003), p.257-265.
  A.6 Orhan Özdemir,Ismail Atılgan,Barış Akaoğlu,Kıvanç Sel,Bayram Katırcıoğlu, frequency dependence of conductivity in intrinsic amorphous silicon carbide film,assessed through admittance measurement of metal insulator semiconductor structure. "thin solid films", 497, (2006), p.149-156.
  A.7 barış akaoğlu,altan gülses,ismail atılgan,bayram katırcıoğlu, influences of carbon content and power density on the uniformity of PECVD grown a-Si1-xCx:H thin films. "vacuum", 81, (2006), p.120-125.
  A.8 ismail atılgan,orhan özdemir,barış akaoğlu,kıvanç sel and bayram katırcıoğlu, transport studies of carbon -rich a-SiCx:H film through admittance and deep-level transient spectroscopy measurements. "philosophical magazine", 86, (2006), p.2771-2796.
  A.9 orhan özdemir,ismail atılgan,bayram katırcıoğlu, abnormal frequency dispersion of the admittance associated with a chromium/plasma deposited a-SiNx:H/P-Si structure. "journal of non-crystalline solids", 353, (2007), p.2751-2757.

Publications (NATIONAL)


Conference Papers

  A.1 O.Özdemir,İ.Atılgan and B.Katırcıoğlu, Trap Analysis in N-rich a-SiNx:H via Admittance and DLTS Measurements Through MIS Structure. "Applied Physics", APHYS-2003, (2003), s.13.
  A.2 B.Akaoğlu,K.Sel,I.Atilgan ve B.Katırcıoğlu, a-SiCx:H İnce Filmlerin Optik Sabitlerinin Karbon Oranıyla Ayarlanması. "11.Yoğun Madde Fiziği Ankara Toplantısı", (2004).
  A.3 B.Akaoğlu,A.GüIses,Atilgan ve B.Katırcıoğlu, Karbon Oranı ve Güç Yoğunluğunun PECVD Sisteminde Büyütülen a-SiCx:H İnce Filmlerdeki Düzensizliklerin Etkileri. "11.Yoğun Madde Fiziği Ankara Toplantısı", (2004).
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