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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Mechanical Eng.
  Master's, Middle East Technical University, Mechanical Eng.
  Doctorate, Middle East Technical University, Engineering Sciences


Thesis Supervised

  A.1 IN Vitro Experimental Evaluation of the Effect of Different Lining Materials and Alloy Shape on Fracture Resistance of Class II Amalgam Restorations. Msc Thesis. Neslihan Eminkahyagil. (1999)
  A.2 Thermal Stresses in a Heat Generating Linearly Hardening Cylinder with Free Ends. Msc Thesis. Emre Şener. (2003)

Project Work

  A.1 Elastik-plastic Tüplerde Isıl Gerilmelerin Zamana Bağlı Bilgisayar Çözümleri.. Research Fund, 1 MAY 1999 - 1 FEBRUARY 2000. Researcher .
  A.2 İnsan Ayağının Su İçerisindeki Hareketinin Hidrodinamik Kuvvet ve Kinematiğinin Deneysel ve Mat. Analizi. METU-BAP-ÖYP, 1 JANUARY 2004 - 1 DECEMBER 2007. Coordinator .
  A.3 Anal and Num Solns of Elast-Plast FGM Cylind and Spher Bodies Subjected to Thermal and and and Mech. Loads. METU-BAP-ÖYP, 1 JANUARY 2005 - 1 DECEMBER 2005. Coordinator .
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