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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Electric-electronic. Eng.
  Master's, The Ohio State Univesity, Electric-electronic. Eng.
  Doctorate, The Ohio State University, Electric-electronic. Eng.


Thesis Supervised

  A.1 An Improved UTD Solution for a Curved Wedge. Msc Thesis. S. Baklan. (1988)
  A.2 The Radiation from a Linear Antenna in the Presence of a Wedge. Msc Thesis. M. Abachi. (1989)
  A.3 Analysis of Flange Mounted Rectangular Phased Arrays. Phd Thesis. H. Yavuz. (1993)
  A.4 Determination of Radiation Patterns of arbitrarily Edged Paraboloidal Reflectors by Using the Physical Optics and the Uniform Geometrical theory of Diffraction. Msc Thesis. I.H. Batum. (1993)
  A.5 Frequency Selective Surfaces with Rectangular Patches. Msc Thesis. I. Ozturk. (1993)
  A.6 An Extension of the T-Matrix Method to Objects of High Aspect Ratio. Msc Thesis. E. Yazici. (1997)
  A.7 Spherical Wave Expansion of the Time Domain Free-Space Dyadaic Green's Function. Msc Thesis. Süha Alp Azizoğlu. (1999)
  A.8 Analysis of Thin Wire Linear Antennas Using Direct Time Domain Techniques. Msc Thesis. Tamer Güdü. (2001)
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