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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Electric-electronic. Eng.
  Master's, The Ohio State Univesity, Electric-electronic. Eng.
  Doctorate, The Ohio State University, Electric-electronic. Eng.

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 T. Oguzer, A. Altintas, O.M. Buyukdura, On the Elimination of Infinities in the PO Component of Equivalent Edge Currents. "Wave Motion", 18, (1993), p.1-10.
  A.2 A. Altintas, O.M. Buyukdura, P.H. Pathak, An Extension of the Physical Theory of Diffraction Concept for Aperture Radiation Problems. "Radio Science", 29, (1994), p.1403-1407.
  A.3 O.M. Buyukdura, S.D. Goad, R.G. Kouyoumjian, A Spherical Wave Representation of the Dyadic Green's Function for a Wedge. "IEEE Trans. Antennas and Propag.", 44, (1996), p.12-22.
  A.4 O.M. Buyukdura, GTD Solution with Higher Order Terms to the Diffraction by an Edge: Towards a Uniform Solution. "IEE Proc. Microw., Antennas, Propag.", 143, (1996), p.43-50.
  A.5 Büyükdura, O.M. and Koç, S.Ss, Two Alternative Expressions for the Spherical Wave Expansion of the Time Domain Scalar Green's Function and an Application: Scattering by a Soft Sphere. "Journal of the Acoustical Society of America", 101, (1997), p.87-91.
  A.6 Koç, S., Çivi, Ö.A. and Büyükdura, O.M., Near-field Scanning in the Time Domain on a Spherical Surface - A Formulation Using the Free-space Green's Function. "Journal of the Acoustical Society of America", 110, (2001), p.1778-1782.

Conference Papers

  A.1 P,H. Pathak, O.M. Buyukdura, On an Inherent Difficulty in the PTD. "IEEE AP-S Int. Symp.", (1983), p.223-226.
  A.2 R.G. Kouyoumjian, O.M. Buyukdura, Paraxial Edge Diffraction. "URSI Symposium", (1983), p.151-154.
  A.3 O.M.Buyukdura, R.G. Kouyoumjian, An Improved UTD Solution for Wedge Diffraction. "IEEE AP-S Int. Symp.", (1985), p.439-442.
  A.4 O.M. Buyukdura, R.G. Kouyoumjian, The Radiation from Scatterers at the Edge of a Wedge. "URSI North Amer. Radio Science Meeting", (1985), p.229.
  A.5 H. Yavuz, O.M. Buyukdura, Rigorous Analysis of Finite Rectangular Phased Arrays with Simultaneous Integral Equations. "IEEE Ant. Prop. Soc. Int. Symp.", (1993), p.1262-1265.
  A.6 H. Yavuz, O.M. Buyukdura, Analysis of Finite Rectangular Phased Arrays. "XXIVthGeneral Assemb. of the Int. Union of Radio Science", (1993), p.31.
  A.7 H. Yavuz, O.M. Buyukdura, Mutual Coupling Effects of Finite Rectangular Phased Arrays. "7th MELECON", (1994), p.418-421.
  A.8 H. Yavuz, O.M. Buyukdura, Mutual Couling and Higher Order Modes Effect on the Performance of Flange Mounted Finite Rectangular Phased Array. "Progr. in Electrom. research. Symp.", (1994), p.1995-1998.
  A.9 Koç, S., Çivi, Ö.A. and Büyükdura, O.M., An Application of the T-Matrix Method to Time Domain Scattering. "2001 IEEE International Antennas, Propagation Symposium and URSI Radio Science Meeting", (2001), p.336.

Publications (NATIONAL)


Conference Papers

  A.1 Azizoğlu, S.A., Koç, S.S. and Büyükdura, O.M., Zaman Uzamında Boşluk Diadik Green Fonksiyonunun Küresel Dalga Fonksiyonları ile Açılımı için Bir İfade. "Elektrik-Elektronik Bılgisayar Mühendisliği 8. Ulusal Kongresi", (1999), s.240-243.
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