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  Doctorate, Middle East Technical University, Biology

Membership and Awards



  A.1 TÜBA. "Üniversite Ders Kitapları Telif ve Çeviri Eser Ödülü", (11.2008)


  A.1 Member of board of editors of a journal . 1 JANUARY 2007 - 1 DECEMBER 2007.
  A.2 Member of board of editors of a journal . 1 JANUARY 2007 - 1 DECEMBER 2007.


  A.1 Turkish Journal of Zoology. 2000.
  A.2 Turkish Journal of Zoology. 2002.
  A.3 Turkish Journal of Zoology. 2004.
  A.4 Turkish Journal of Zoology. 2005.
  A.5 BAP projects. 2005.
  A.6 Journal of Cell and Molecular Biology. 2006.
  A.7 Scientific Research Fund Projects. 2006.
  A.8 Turkish Journal of Zoology. 2006.
  A.9 Uludag Bee Journal. 2007.
  A.10 Journal of Cell and Molecular Biology. 2007.
  A.11 Journal of Apicultural Research. 2010.
  A.12 Fullbright Education Commission/project competition. 2010.
  A.13 Apidologie. 2010.

Conference and Seminar Organization

  A.1 Aykut Kence, Gerhard W. Weber, Meral Kence, Geometric Morphometrics. "METU- Dept.of Biology", (6.2006).
  A.2 M.Kence, T.Giray, A. Kence, Çankaya Evrim Günleri-Halk Konferansları. "ODTÜ, OED, TODAM, Çankaya Belediyesi", (10.2007).
  A.3 Aykut Kence, Tuğrul Giray, Meral Kence, Türkiye Arı Ölümlerini Araştırma Çalıştayı. "ODTÜ", (6.2007).
  A.4 Meral Kence, chair of the Local Organizing Comittee, Eurbee 2010-4th European Conference of Apidology. "Middle East Technical University", (9.2010).
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