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Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 C. Tuncay, Stock Mechanics: A generak theory and method of energy conservation with applications on DJIA. "International J. Modern Phys. C", 17, (2006), p.1679-1690.
  A.2 C. Tuncay, Stock Mechanics: Predictingrecession in S&P500 DJIA and NASDAQ. "Central European Journal of physics", 4, (2006), p.58-72.
  A.3 C. Tuncay, Socioeconophysics: Opinion dynamics for number of transactions and price, a trader based model. "Int. J. of Modern Phys. C", 17, (2006), p.1495-1500.
  A.4 tuncay, a new model for competition between many languages. "NTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS C", 18, (2007), p.1203-1208.
  A.5 tuncay, stauffer, power laws and gaussians for stock market fluctuations. "Phisica A", 374, (2007), p.325-330.
  A.6 tuncay, opinion dynamics driven by leaders, media, viruses and worms. "INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS C", 18, (2007), p.849-859.
  A.7 tuncay, physics of randomness and regularities for cities, languages, and their lifetimes and family trees. "INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS C", 18, (2007), p.1641-1658.
  A.8 tuncay, formation of languages; equality, hierarchy and teachers. "INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS C", 18, (2007), p.1061-1070.
  A.9 Caglar Tuncay, On the space and time evolution of regular or irregular human heart or brain signals. "EPL", 85, (2009), p.10002.

Publications (NATIONAL)

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