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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Mathematics
  Doctorate, Middle East Technical University, Mathematics

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 T.Ergenc,M.Demiralp, Formulation of some Gaussian Integrals over R^n via generaing functions. "Int. Journal of Computer Mathematics", 54, (1994), p.293-248.
  A.2 T.Ergenc,B.Karasozen, Runge-Kutta collocation methods for rigid body Lie-Poisson equation. "Int. Journal of Computer Mathematics", 62, (1996), p.63-71.
  A.3 T.Ergenc,B.Karasozen,S.Piskarev, Approximation of semilinear Cauchy Problem for the second order equations in Banach spaces. "Nonlinear Analysis,Theory,Methods and Applications", 28, (1997), p.1157-1165.
  A.4 T.Ergenc,A.I.Hascelik, Order of convergence of Evolution Operator Method. "Int.Journal of Computer Mathematics", 70, (1998), p.279-288.
  A.5 Yazıcı ,A. Ergenç ,T. Altas ,İ., Romberg integration:A symbolic approach with Mathematica. "Lecture Notes in Computer Science", 2657, (2003), p.691 - 700.
  A.6 T.Ergenç , S.W. Pickl , N.Radde and G.-W. Weber, on the topology of generalized semi-infinite optimization and anticipatory systems. "intenational journal of computing and anticipatory systems", 15, (2004), p.3-30.
  A.7 A.Yazıcı,T.Ergenç, İ.Altaş, symbolic interpolation using mathematica. "lecture notes in computer science(LNCS)", 3039 Part4, (2004), p.365-370.
  A.8 T.Ergenç, G.-W Weber, modeling and prediction of gene-expression patterns reconsidered with Runge-Kutta discretization. "journal of computational technologies", 9, (2004), p.40-47.
  A.9 A. Yazici, I.Altas, and T. Ergenç, 2d Polynomial Interpolation: A Symbolic Apporach with Mathematica. "Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)", 3482, (2005), p.463-471.
  A.10 M.U. Akhmet, M.Beklioğlu, T.Ergenc, V.I.Tkachenko, An impulsive ratio-dependent predator-prey system with diffusion. "Nonlinear Analysis Real World Applications", 7, (2006), p.1255-1267.
  A.11 V.G.Tsybulin, B.Karasözen, T. Ergenç, Selection of steady states in planer Darcy convection. "Physics Letters A", 356, (2006), p.189-194.
  A.12 T.Ergenç, B. Karasözen, Poisson integrators for Volterra lattice equations. "Applied Numerical Mathematics", 56, (2006), p.879-887.

Conference Papers

  A.1 Yazıcı,A.,Ergenç,T.,Akyıldız,Y., Using Mathematica in teaching Romberg integration. "Proceedings (electronic)of the Second International Conference on the Teaching Mathematics", (2002).
  A.2 M. Tastan, T. Ergenc, S.W. Pickl and G.-W. Weber, Stability analysis of gene expression patterns by dynamical systems and a combinatorial algorithm. "HIBIT - proceedings of International Symposium on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics, Turkey '05", (2005), p.67-75.

Publications (NATIONAL)

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