Academic Staff Roster includes academic activity information for 2017 and before; therefore the visible titles of faculty members may not be up to date. Academic activity information for 2018 and onwards can be tracked through AVESIS (Academic Data Management System).

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  Doctorate, University of Wales, UC Cardiff, Microbiology

Membership and Awards



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  A.2 Turkish Journal of Engineering and Environmental Siences. 2000.
  A.3 1. Çevre Kirliliği Kontrolü Sempozyumu. 2000.
  A.4 IWA Berlin Conference. 2001.
  A.5 IV. Ulusal Çevre Mühendisliği Kongresi. 2001.
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  A.7 Waste Management. 2001.
  A.8 Chemosphere. 2002.
  A.9 V. Ulusal Çevre Mühendisliği Kongresi. 2003.
  A.10 2.Ulusal Çevre Kirliliği Kontrolu Sempozyumu. 2003.
  A.11 Environmental Science and Technology. 2003.
  A.12 Environmental Management. 2003.
  A.13 Waste Management. 2003.
  A.14 Environmental Management. 2004.
  A.15 Desalination. 2007.
  A.16 Doğa. 2007.
  A.17 BAP. 2007.
  A.18 TUBİTAK. 2009.
  A.19 Water Environment Pollution. 2012.
  A.20 Environment Science. 2012.
  A.21 Environmental Science and Technology. 2012.
  A.22 TUBİTAK-Toplum Bilim. 2012.
  A.23 TUBİTAK-ÇAYDAG. 2012.
  A.24 Desalination. 2013.
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