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Thesis Supervised

  A.1 The bases of primary education as perceived by parents, teachers and inspectors : A needs assessment study. Phd Thesis. Cennet Engin. (1997)
  A.2 A case study on evaluating the effectiveness of English Language Support 201 course material for bureau management and secreterial studies at Bilkent University. Phd Thesis. Ayşe Yumuk. (1998)
  A.3 The effect of action research as a teacher development model on becoming reflective in teaching: A case study. Phd Thesis. Zeynep İskenderoğlu-Önel. (1998)
  A.4 Teacher roles in high school biology curriculum implementation. Msc Thesis. Ebru Öztürk. (1999)
  A.5 The effects of perceived teacher non-verbal behaviors, teacher behaviors and preferred learning styles on English proficiency level. Phd Thesis. Feyza Doyran. (2000)
  A.6 The effect of interpersonal skills training on teachers' communication skills and self-awareness. Phd Thesis. R.Ufuk Tarhan. (2000)
  A.7 A study on the problems of teachers in teaching English in public primary schools in Ankara. Phd Thesis. Zeynep Goknil Piyade. (2000)
  A.8 Effectiveness of a Faculty Development Program on Instructional Planning, Effective Teaching and Evaluation at M.E.T.U.. Msc Thesis. Akpınar Wilsing, Nil. (2002)
  A.9 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the ESP Reading Materials for 215 English for Law Course at the English Language School of Başkent University. Msc Thesis. Figen Kanik. (2002)
  A.10 A Descriptive Study on Geography Teachers'Use of Problem Solving Skills Through Instructional Activities. Msc Thesis. Pınar Kızılhan. (2002)
  A.11 A Descriptive Study on the Critical Thinking Levels of the Students at the Unit of English Preparatory School at Hacettepe University. Msc Thesis. Seçil Dayıoğlu. (2003)
  A.12 A Study on Learners'Readiness for Autonomous Learning in English as a Foreign Language. Msc Thesis. Ayfer Koçak. (2003)
  A.13 A Needs Assessment Study on English Language Needs of the Tour Guidance Students of Faculty of Applied Sciences at Başkent University: A Case Study. Msc Thesis. Neşe Ekici. (2003)

Project Work

  A.1 USIS tarafından Desteklenen Programların Değerlendirilmesi. Personnel Development Systems/USIS, 1 JUNE 1999 - 1 JULY 1999. Coordinator .
  A.2 Evaluation of USIA/USIS sponsored exchange programs. Personnel Development Systems/USIA, 1 FEBRUARY 2000 - 1 APRIL 2000. Coordinator .
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