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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Chemical Eng.
  Master's, Middle East Technical University, Chemical Eng.
  Doctorate, Univ. Missouri Rolla, Chemical Eng.

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 Örnek, D., Gürkan, T. and Öztin, C., Physical and Chemical Properties of a Highly Viscous Aluminum Sulfate Melt. "Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research", 37, (1998), p.2687-2690.
  A.2 Aydoğan, N., Gürkan, T. and Yılmaz, L., Effect of Operating Parameters on the Separation of Sugars by Nanofiltration. "Separation Science and Technology", 33, (1998), p.1767-1785.
  A.3 Örnek, D., Gürkan, T. and Öztin, C., Prilling of Aluminum Sulfate Hydrates. "Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology", 33, (2000), p.1767-1785.
  A.4 Mutlu, S.H., Yetiş, Ü., Gürkan, T. and Yılmaz, L., Decolorization of Wastewater of a Baker's Yeast Plant by Membrane Processes. "Water Research", 36, (2002), p.609-616.
  A.5 Okumuş,E., Gürkan,T. and Yılmaz,L., Effect of Fabrication and Process Parameters on the Morphology and Performance of a Pan-Based Zeolite-Filled Pervaporation Membrane. "Journal of Membrane Science", 223, (2003), p.23-38.
  A.6 Aydogan,N, Gurkan,T, Yılmaz,L, Treatment by Nanofiltration of the Bleed Stream of a Continuous Alcohol Fermentor. "Separation Science and Technology", 39, (2004), p.1059-1072.
  A.7 Sener, T., Okumus, E., Gurkan, T., Yilmaz, L., The Effect of Different Solvents on the performance of zeolite filled composite pervaporation membranes. "Desalination", 261, (2010), p.181-185.
  A.8 Marti Mustafa E.; Gurkan Turker; Doraiswamy L. K., Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies on Reactive Extraction of Pyruvic Acid with Trioctylamine in 1-Octanol. "INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH", 50, (2011), p.13518-13525.

Conference Papers

  A.1 Alkaya, D., Özgen, C. and Gürkan, T., Optimization and Time Scheduling Study for the Determination of Design and Operation Parameters of Multicomponent, Multiproduct Batch Distillation Column. "AIChE Spring Meeting", (1998).
  A.2 Mutlu, S.H., Yetiş, Ü., Gürkan, T. and Yilmaz, L., Development of a Process Strategy for Decolorization of the Waste Water of a Bakers Yeast Plant by Membrane Processes. "Euro_Membrane 99", (1999).
  A.3 Okumus, E., Yilmaz, L. and Gurkan, T., Development of PAN-13X Layered Composite Membranes for Pervaporation. "International Congress on Membranes and Membrane Processes,ICOM 99", (1999).
  A.4 Mutlu, S.H., Gürkan, T., Yetiş, Ü. and Yılmaz, L.., Decolorization of Wastewater of a Baker's Yeast Plant by Membrane Processes. "First World Water Congress", CD, (2000).
  A.5 Eroğlu, İ., Üçyiğit, N. and Gürkan, T., Oxidation Kinetics of Sodium Sulfite Catalyzed by Activated Carbon in a Rotating Basket Reactor. "6th World Conference on Chemical Engineering", (2001).
  A.6 M. E. Martı, T. Gürkan, Recovery of Pyruvic Acid from Biotechnological Production Medium by Reactive Extraction. "CHISA 2006", 2, (2006), p.2.
  A.7 T. Gürkan, B. Açan, F. Karabulut, M.E. Martı, Recovery of Lactic Acid from Fermentation Media by Reactive Extraction and Stripping. "CHISA 2006", 2, (2006), p.2.

Publications (NATIONAL)


Conference Papers

  A.1 Şener, T., Okumuş, E., Gürkan, T. ve Yılmaz, L., Pervaporasyon için Zeolit Dolgulu Membranların Geliştirilmesi ve Modellenmesi. "III.Ulusal Kimya Mühendisliği Kongresi", (1998).
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