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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Mathematics
  Master's, University of London, Mathematics
  Doctorate, University of London, Mathematics


Thesis Supervised

  A.1 Distribution of eigenvalues for certain class of operators in Banach spaces. Msc Thesis. Marwan Abu Sawwa. (1983)
  A.2 On order properties of compact operators in Banach lattices. Msc Thesis. Omer Gok. (1985)
  A.3 Ideal theory in f-algebras. Msc Thesis. Zafer Ercan. (1990)
  A.4 On Bade type reflexivity theorems for locally convex vector latti. Phd Thesis. Omer Gok. (1991)
  A.5 On the bıdual of lattice ordered algebras. Phd Thesis. Bahri Turan. (1993)
  A.6 Radon Nikodym Theorem for positive operators. Msc Thesis. Ayse Vural. (1994)
  A.7 b-özelliğini sağlayan Rıesz uzayları ve b-zayıf kompakt operatorler. Phd Thesis. Birol Altın. (2002)
  A.8 On asymptotic behaviour of positive operators. Phd Thesis. Ali Binhadjah. (2006)
  A.9 On the generalizations and the properties of AW-spaces. Phd Thesis. Faruk Polat. (2008)

Project Work

  A.1 Banach Örgülerinde B- Özelliği. BAP-2006-01-01-01, 1 JANUARY 2006 - 1 DECEMBER. Coordinator .
  A.2 Değişmez Alt Uzayları. BAP-2005-01-01-01, 1 JANUARY 2006 - 1 JULY. Coordinator .
  A.3 Tubaitak lisans ustu Yazokulu. TUBİTAK Projects , 1 JULY 2008 - 1 AUGUST 2008. Local Coordinator .
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