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  Master's, Istanbul Technical University, Civil Eng.
  Doctorate, Northwesten University, Civil Eng.


Thesis Supervised

  A.1 Dynamic Response of Fiber-Reinforced Cylindrical Composites. Msc Thesis. Mohamed Ghaith. (1998)
  A.2 Transient Dynamic Response of Encased Viscoelastic Cylinders. Msc Thesis. Özge Şen. (1998)
  A.3 Two-Dimensional Transient Dynamic Response of Layered Media. Phd Thesis. İbrahim Abu Al-Shaikh. (2000)
  A.4 Transient wave propagation in anisotropic multilayered media. Msc Thesis. Serdar Mesutgil. (2003)
  A.5 Transient Dynamic Response of Viscoelastic Cylinders Enclosed in Filament Wound Cylindrical Composites. Phd Thesis. Özge Şen. (2005)
  A.6 A dynamic theory for laminated composites consisting of anisotropic layers. Phd Thesis. Ömer Fatih Yalçın. (2006)

Project Work

  A.1 Silindirik Katmanlı Bileşik Cisimlerin Geçici Dinamik Davranışı. METU-BAP-ÖYP, 1 JANUARY 2004 - 1 DECEMBER 2007. Coordinator .
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