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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Architecture
  Master's, Middle East Technical University, Architecture
  Master's, University of California at Berkeley, Architecture


Thesis Supervised

  A.1 A Site Analysis and Improvement Concept Project in a Small Anatolian Town: İskilip. Msc Thesis. Tolga  lter. (1998)
  A.2 A Study on Commercial Spaces in the Urban Context and a Proposal for a Commercial Complex in Şişli, İstanbul. Msc Thesis. Sinem Konu. (1998)
  A.3 The Architecture of Tourism in the Mediterranean Coastal Region of Turkey: A Case Study in Dimçay, Alanya.. Msc Thesis. Müge Alanay. (1998)
  A.4 A Historical and Analytical Study on City Centers: A Preliminary Proposal for an Examplary Case in Kadikoy. Msc Thesis. Bahar Yayla. (2000)
  A.5 A Study on the Evolution of a New Urban Development Form: Mixed Use Developments and a Proposal for a Mixed Use Development in Ankara. Msc Thesis. Selen Kansu. (2001)
  A.6 Airport Planning and Air Terminal Design: A Proposal for the New Adana (Çukurova) International Airport. Msc Thesis. Evrim Demir. (2002)
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