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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, City & Region Plan.
  Master's, Middle East Technical University, Urban Design
  Doctorate, UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO DENVER, Design Planning

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 Yucel Can Severcan, The effects of children's participation in planning and design activities on their place attachment. "Journal of Architectural and Planning Research", 32, (2015), p.271-293.
  A.2 Yucel Can Severcan, Planning for the unexpected: Barriers to young people's participation in planning in disadvantaged communities. "International Planning Studies", 20, (2015), p.251-269.
  A.3 Yucel Can Severcan, Changing places, changing childhoods: Regenerations and children’s use of place in Istanbul. "Urban Studies", (2017), p.1-18.

Conference Papers

  A.1 Yucel Can Severcan and Adnan Barlas, Mass housing projects and disadvantaged children's place use and preferences: The cases of Gultepe TOKI and Yatikmusluk TOKI in Ankara, Turkey. "29th Association of European Schools of Planning Conference", (2015).
  A.2 Yucel Can Severcan and Adnan Barlas, Residential satisfaction of children in mass housing. "55th Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning Conference", (2015).
  A.3 Yücel Can Severcan, Adnan Barlas, Disadvantaged women's satisfaction with mass housing projects that are developed in the context of squatter housing regeneration. "AESOP 2016", (2016).
  A.4 Yücel Can Severcan, Understanding the imapcts of urban regeneration on children's use of place: Comparisons from rural and urban settings in Turkey. "Child in the City 2016", (2016).
  A.5 Yücel Can Severcan, Understanding the role of urban design in the place attachment of children. "International Urban Design Symposium", (2016).
  A.6 Yucel Can Severcan, Children’s residential satisfaction in different mass housing estates in Ankara. "ACSP Annual Conference 2017", 1, (2017), p.1138-1139.

Publications (NATIONAL)


Journal Papers

  A.1 Yucel Can Severcan, Çocukların gözünden çocuk dostu yer kavramı ve yaşanılan çevrenin değerlendirmesi: İstanbul örneği. "İdealkent", (2015), s.140-181.
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