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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Civil Engineering
  Master's, University of Minnesota, Civil Engineering-structures
  Doctorate, University of Minnesota, Civil Engineering-structures

Membership and Awards



  A.1 TÜBİTAK MAG project referee. 2014.
  A.2 American Concrete Institute Journal. 2014.
  A.3 İstanbul Bridge Conference. 2014.
  A.4 Journal of Bridge Structures. 2014.
  A.5 Steel and Composite Structures. 2014.
  A.6 Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities. 2015.
  A.7 ODTU BAP proposal review. 2015.
  A.8 3. Köprü ve Viyadükler Sempozyumu. 2015.
  A.9 Computers and Concrete. 2015.
  A.10 Pamukkale Üniv. Müh. Bil. Dergisi. 2015.
  A.11 Structure and Infrastructure Engineering. 2015.
  A.12 TÜBİTAK MAG proposal review. 2015.
  A.13 Gazi Üniv. MMF Dergisi. 2015.
  A.14 Engineering Structures. 2015.
  A.15 Teknik Dergi. 2015.
  A.16 American Concrete Institute Journal. 2015.
  A.17 American Concrete Institute. 2016.
  A.18 Structural Engineering and Mechanics. 2016.
  A.19 Pamukkale Üniversitesi Mühendislik Bilimleri Dergisi. 2016.
  A.20 TÜBİTAK Project Refeering. 2016.
  A.21 Gazi Üniversitesi Mühendislik Mimarlık Fakültesi Dergisi. 2016.
  A.22 METU Technopolis Project Review. 2016.
  A.23 İstanbul Bridge Conference. 2016.
  A.24 Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities. 2016.
  A.25 METU Technopolis Application Review. 2016.
  A.26 Structures and Buildings. 2016.
  A.27 TÜBİTAK Project Refeering. 2017.
  A.28 ACI Structural and Materials Journals. 2017.
  A.29 KOSGEB Project Refereeing. 2017.
  A.30 Pamukkale Üniv. Müh. Bil. Dergisi. 2017.
  A.31 Engineering Structures. 2017.
  A.32 Thin-Walled Structures. 2017.
  A.33 Gazi Üniv. Müh. Mim. Fak. Dergisi. 2017.
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