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  Bachelor's, Bogazici University, Electric-electronic. Eng.
  Bachelor's, Bogazici University, Physics
  Bachelor's, Columbia University, Electric-electronic. Eng.
  Master's, Columbia University, Electric-electronic. Eng.

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 Serdar Kocaman Gönül Turhan Sayan, Comparison of coherently coupled multicavity and quantum dot embedded single cavity systems. "Optics Express", 24, (2016).
  A.2 Yigit Ozer and Serdar Kocaman, Generation recombination suppression via depletion engineered heterojunction for alternative substrate MWIR HgCdTe infrared photodetectors. "Optical Materials", 73, (2017), p.577.
  A.3 Shahram Moradi, Alperen Govdeli, Serdar Kocaman, Zero average index design via perturbation of hexagonal photonic crystal lattice. "Journal of Applied Physics", 122, (2017).
  A.4 Halit Dolas and Serdar Kocaman, Fully Depleted InP Nano-Layer for In-Device Passivation of InGaAs SWIR Detectors. "IEEE Electron Device Letters", 38, (2017).

Publications (NATIONAL)


Conference Papers

  A.1 Ekin Karaca, Serdar Kocaman, Zero-n Bandgap with Photonic Crystal Superlattices Both For Negative and Positive Refraction. "6th International Conference on Metametarials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics", (2015).
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