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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Electric-electronic. Eng.
  Master's, University of Bristol, Electric-electronic. Eng.
  Doctorate, Queen's University Belfast, Computer Science

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 De Sena, E., Hacihabiboglu, H., Cvetkovic, Z., On the design of higher-order microphone arrays. "IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing", 20, (2012), p.162-174.
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  A.4 Hüseyin Hacıhabiboğlu, Theoretical Analysis of Open Spherical Microphone Arrays for Acoustic Intensity Measurements. "IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing", 22, (2014), p.465-476.
  A.5 Enzo De Sena, Hüseyin Hacıhabiboğlu, Zoran Cvetkovic, Julius O Smith, Efficient Synthesis of Room Acoustics via Scattering Delay Networks. "IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing", 23, (2015), p.1478 - 1492.
  A.6 Hacıhabiboğlu, H., De Sena, E., Cvetkovic, Z., Johnston, J., and Smith, J. O., Perceptual Spatial Audio Recording, Simulation and Rendering. "IEEE Signal Processing Magazine", 34, (2017), p.36-54.

Conference Papers

  A.1 Hüseyin Hacıhabiboğlu, On the accuracy of open spherical microphone arrays for measuring acoustic intensity. "Proc. of IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics (WASPAA’13)", (2013), p.(CD-ROM).
  A.2 Cumhur Erkut and Hüseyin Hacıhabiboğlu, Rhythm-Action Games: The sonic interaction perspective. "AES 49th International Conference on Audio for Games", (2013), p.Paper# 2-4.
  A.3 Hüseyin Hacıhabiboğlu, Açık küresel akustik yeğinlik sondalarının yankışımlı koşullardaki ses kaynağı yön kestirimi performansı. "IEEE 22. Sinyal İşleme Uygulamaları Kurultayı", (2014), p.802-805.
  A.4 Enes Yüncü, Hüseyin Hacıhabiboglu, Cem Bozşahin, Automatic Speech Emotion Recognition using Auditory Models with Binary Decision Tree and SVM. "22nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR'14)", (2014), p.CD-ROM.
  A.5 Mert Burkay Çöteli, Hüseyin Hacıhabiboğlu, On the Performance of Acoustic Intensity-Based Source Localization with an Open Spherical Microphone Array. "139th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society", 1, (2015), p.9429 (Paper No).
  A.6 Hüseyin Hacıhabiboğlu, Acoustic source separation using the short-time quaternion fourier transforms of particle velocity signals. "Proc. 41st IEEE Int. Conf. on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Process. (ICASSP-16)", (2016), p.425-429.
  A.7 İLHAN AYŞE EZGİ,ŞENER PEDGLEY BAHAR,HACIHABİBOĞLU HÜSEYİN, Creating Awareness of Sleep-Wake Hours by Gamification. "Proc. 11th Int. Conf. on Persuasive Technologie, PERSUASIVE 2016", (2016), p.122-133.
  A.8 Metan Ali Can, HACIHABİBOĞLU HÜSEYİN, PERCEPTUAL AUDIO SOURCE CULLING FOR VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS. "Proc. of the 19th Int. Con. on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-16)", (2016), p.201-208.

Book and Chapter in a Book

  A.1 Hüseyin Hacıhabiboğlu, Spatial and 3D Audio Systems. "Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology", (2014), p.6020-6029.
  A.2 Hacıhabiboğlu, H., Procedural Synthesis of Gunshot Sounds based on Physically-motivated Models. "Game Dynamics: Best Practices in Procedural and Dynamic Game Content Generation", (2017), p.47-69.

Publications (NATIONAL)


Conference Papers

  A.1 Hüseyin Hacıhabiboğlu, Birinci-dereceden açık küresel mikrofon dizileriyle akustik yeğinlik ölçümü. "10. Ulusal Akustik Kongresi", (2013).
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