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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Biology
  Master's, Middle East Technical University, Marine Sciences

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 Besiktepe, S., Ryabushko, L., Ediger, D., Yilmaz, D., Zenginer, A., Ryabushko, V, Domoic acid production by Pseudo-nitzschia calliantha Lundholm, Moestrup et Hasle (bacillariophyta) isolated from the Black Sea. "Harmful Algae", 7, (2008), p.438-442.
  A.2 Zenginer, Yılmaz A., Besiktepe, S.,, Annual variations in biochemical composition of size fractionated particulate matter and zooplankton abundance and biomass in Mersin Bay, NE Mediterranean Sea. "Journal of Marine Systems", 81, (2010), p.260-271.

Conference Papers

  A.1 Zenginer, A. & Besiktepe, S, Annual variations of zooplankton biomass and abundance in Mersin Bay (NE Mediterranean Sea).. "38th CIESM Congress", (2007).
  A.2 Ryabushko L, Besiktepe S, Ediger D, Yilmaz D, Zenginer A, Ryabushko V, Lee RI, Morphology, systematic and ecology of toxic diatom Pseudonitzschia calliantha from the Black Sea. "X. Int. Sci. Conf. of Diatoms", (2007), p.24-26.

Book and Chapter in a Book

  A.1 Terbıyık Kurt Tuba, ZENGINER YILMAZ ARIFE, Zooplankton of the Turkish part of the Mediterranean Sea. "THE TURKISH PART OF THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA:MARINE BIODIVERSITY, FISHERIES, CONSERVATION AND GOVERNANC", 1, (2016), p.136.

Publications (NATIONAL)


Conference Papers

  A.1 Zenginer, A. & Besiktepe, S, Mersin Körfezi’nde yüzey zooplankton biyokütle ve bolluğunun aylık değişimi. "Türk Sucul Yaşam Dergisi", 5, (2007), s.45.
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