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  Bachelor's, Bilkent University, Industrial Eng.
  Master's, Bilkent University, Industrial Eng.
  Doctorate, Bilkent University, Industrial Eng.

Membership and Awards



  A.1 AGIFORS. "Best Technical Paper", (9.2011)


  A.1 Production and Operations Management. 2011.
  A.2 European Journal of Operational Research. 2011.
  A.3 BAP. 2011.
  A.4 Mathematical Programming. 2011.
  A.5 International Journal of Production Research. 2011.
  A.6 European Journal of Operational Research. 2012.
  A.7 Computational Optimization and Applications. 2012.
  A.8 BAP. 2012.
  A.9 IIE Transactions. 2012.
  A.10 International Journal of Production Research. 2012.
  A.11 Journal of Combinatorial Optimization. 2012.
  A.12 IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution. 2012.
  A.13 Computers and Industrial Engineering. 2012.
  A.14 European Journal of Operational Research. 2013.
  A.15 Computers and Operations Research. 2013.
  A.16 Computational Optimization and Applications. 2013.
  A.17 Engineering Optimization. 2014.
  A.18 Asia Pacific Journal of Operational Research. 2014.
  A.19 Computers and Operations Research. 2014.
  A.20 Information Processing Letters. 2014.
  A.21 Industrial Engineering: Management, Tools, and Applications, Three Volume Set. 2014.
  A.22 Computers and Operations Research. 2015.
  A.23 Annals of Operations Research. 2015.
  A.24 Discrete Optimization. 2015.
  A.25 European Journal of Operational Research. 2015.
  A.26 IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering. 2016.
  A.27 Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization. 2016.

Conference and Seminar Organization

  A.1 S. Gurel, G-W WEBER, R KASIMBEYLI, A ÖRNEK..., ECCO 2012 – 25th Conference of European Chapter on Combinatorial Optim. "ECCO - EURO", (4.2012).
  A.2 Sinan Gürel, Haldun Süral, YAEM Doktora Öğrencileri Kolokyumu 2014. "Yöneylem Araştırması Derneği", (10.2014).
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