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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Environmental Eng.
  Master's, Drexel University, Civil And Environmental Eng.
  Master's, Georgia Institute of Technology, Operations Research
  Doctorate, Georgia Institute of Technology, Civil And Environmental Eng.

Membership and Awards



  A.1 Georgia Institute of Technology. "J. Lou Chameau Graduate Research Excellence Award for year 2006", (.2006)


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  A.5 Hydrogeology Journal. 2009.
  A.6 Journal of Environmental Informatics. 2010.
  A.7 Water Quality Exposure and Health. 2010.
  A.8 Environmental Technology. 2011.
  A.9 Water Quality, Exposure and Health. 2011.
  A.10 IET Renewable Power Generation. 2011.
  A.11 Journal of environmental planning and management. 2011.
  A.12 Journal of human and ecological risk assessment. 2011.
  A.13 Tubitak Turk Muhendislik ve Cevre Bilimleri. 2012.
  A.14 ACE 2012 10th International Congress on Advances in Civil Engineering. 2012.
  A.15 Water Science and Technology. 2012.
  A.16 Hydrogeology Journal. 2012.
  A.17 Journal of Hydraulic Engineering. 2012.
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  A.21 Desalination. 2013.
  A.22 Clean Soil and Air. 2013.
  A.23 Energy. 2013.
  A.24 Risk Analysis. 2013.
  A.25 Journal of Testing and Evaluation. 2014.
  A.26 Pamukkale Universitesi Muhendislik Bilimleri Dergisi. 2014.
  A.27 International Journal of Water Resources. 2014.
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  A.31 Applied Energy. 2014.
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  A.33 Natural Resources Forum - A United Nations Sustainable Development Journal. 2014.
  A.34 Water, Quality, Exposure and Health. 2015.
  A.35 Journal of Testing and Evaluation. 2015.
  A.36 Environmental Earth Sciences. 2015.
  A.37 Georisk. 2015.
  A.38 Environmental Science and Policy. 2015.
  A.39 BAP project. 2015.
  A.40 International Journal of Water Resources Developement. 2015.
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