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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Electric-electronic. Eng.
  Doctorate, UCSB, Electrical And Computer Eng

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 S. Emre Tuna, Optimal regulation of homogeneous systems. "Automatica", 41, (2005), p.1879–1890.
  A.2 S. Emre Tuna, Synchronizing linear systems via partial-state coupling. "Automatica", 44, (2008), p.2179-2184.
  A.3 S. Emre Tuna, Growth rate of switched homogeneous systems. "Automatica", 44, (2008), p.2857-2862.
  A.4 S. Emre Tuna, Conditions for synchronizability in arrays of coupled linear systems. "IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control", 54, (2009), p.2416-2420.
  A.5 S. Emre Tuna, Sufficient Conditions on Observability Grammian for Synchronization in Arrays of Coupled Linear Time-Varying Systems. "IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control", 55, (2010), p.2586-2590.
  A.6 S. Emre Tuna, Deadbeat Observer: Construction via Sets. "IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control", 57, (2012), p.2333 - 2337.
  A.7 S. Emre Tuna, State deadbeat control of nonlinear systems: Construction via sets. "Automatica", 48, (2012), p.2201-2206.
  A.8 S. Emre Tuna, Synchronization analysis of coupled Lienard-type oscillators by averaging. "Automatica", 48, (2012), p.1885-1891.
  A.9 S. Emre Tuna, A dual pair of optimization-based formulations for estimation and control. "Automatica", 51, (2015), p.18-26.
  A.10 S. Emre Tuna, Synchronization under matrix-weighted Laplacian. "Automatica", 73, (2016), p.76-81.
  A.11 S. Emre Tuna, Synchronization of harmonic oscillators under restorative coupling with applications in electrical networks. "Automatica", 75, (2017), p.236-243.

Conference Papers

  A.1 Chaohong Cai and S. Emre Tuna, Synchronization of nonlinearly coupled harmonic oscillators. "American Control Conference", (2010), p.1767-1771.
  A.2 S. Emre Tuna, Deadbeat observer: construction via sets. "2011 American Control Conference", (2011), p.2596-2601.

Book and Chapter in a Book

  A.1 S. Emre Tuna, Generalized Dilations and Homogeneity: Exploitation of homogeneity to construct Lyapunov functions and control laws for homogeneous systems. "Vdm Verlag Dr. Müller", (2008).

Publications (NATIONAL)

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