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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Civil Eng.
  Master's, Middle East Technical University, Civil Engineering
  Doctorate, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, Civil Eng.

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 Saxena, S., Sengupta, A., Ger Metin, Reservoir Induced Seismicity: A New Model. "Int. Jour. on Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics", 12, (1988), p.263-2881.
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  A.3 Karamete, B.K., Akay, H.U., Tokdemir, T., Ger Metin, A Simple Unstructured Tetrahedral Mesh Generation Algorithm for Complex Geometries. "Mathematical Computational Modelling Jour.", 24, (1996), p.97-112.
  A.4 Karamete, B.K., Tokdemir, T. and Ger, M., Unstructured Grid Generation and a Simple Triangulation Algorithm for Arbitrary 2D Geometries Using Object Oriented Programming. "Int. Jour. of Numerical Methods in Engineering", 40, (1997), p.251-268.
  A.5 Özdemir, O.N. and Ger, M., Realistic Numerical Simulation of Chlorine Decay in Pipes. "Water Research", 32, (1998), p.3307-3312.
  A.6 Özdemir, N.O. and Ger, A.M., Unsteady 2-D Chlorine Transport in Water Supply Pipes. "Water Research", 33, (1999), p.3637-3645.
  A.7 Özdemir, O.N., Sevük, S. and Ger, M., DYNAQ: A Chlorine Decay Simulator in Water Supply Networks. "Turkish Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences", 24, (2000), p.401-412.

Conference Papers

  A.1 Tiğrek, Ş. and Ger, A.M., Mathematical Modeling of Suspended Sediment Concentration over Rippled Beds. "Fifth Intertnational Conference on Coastal and Port Engineering in Developing Countries", 1, (1999), p.115-125.
  A.2 Kayatürk, U., Tiğrek, Ş. and Ger, A.M., Hydro-thermal Performance of Small Bays. "MEDCOST 99-EMECS 99 Joint Conference, Land Ocean Interactions", 3, (1999), p.1711-1718.
  A.3 Polatel, C., Tiğrek, Ş. and Ger, A.M., Effects of Positioning of Ports on Performance of Diffusers. "MEDCOST 99-EMECS 99 Joint Conference, Land Ocean Interaction", 3, (1999), p.1467-1476.
  A.4 Ger, M., Baran, Ö.U. and İrfanoğlu, B., Numerical Simulation of Groundwater Conamination. "8th International Conference on ydraulic Engineering Software: HYDROSOFT 2000", (2000), p.315-324.
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  A.6 Ger, M., Aydın, İ. and Hıncal, O., Measurement of Small Discharges in Open Channels by Slit Weirs. "4th International Congress on Advances in Civil Engineering", 3, (2000), p.1041-1048.

Publications (NATIONAL)

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