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  Bachelor's, Selcuk University, Physics
  Doctorate, Ohio State University, Science Education

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 Omer Faruk Ozdemir, Avoidance from Thought Experiments: Fear of misconception. "International Journal of Science Education", 31, (2009), p.1049 - 1068.
  A.2 Haki Peşman, Ömer Faruk Özdemir, Approach–Method Interaction: The role of teaching method on the effect of context-based approach in physics instruction. "International Journal of Science Education", 34, (2012), p.2127-2145.
  A.3 ömer faruk özdemir, Transfer and conceptual change: The change process from the theoretical perspectives of coordination classes and phenomenological primitives. "Instructional Science", 41, (2013), p.81-103.
  A.4 Cezmi Ünal & Ömer Faruk Özdemir, A physics laboratory course designed using problem-based learning for prospective physics teachers. "European Journal of Science and Mathematics Education", 1, (2013), p.29-33.
  A.5 Şentürk,E. and Özdemir, Ö.F., The effect of science centres on students' attitudes towards science. "International Journal of Science Education, Part B", 4, (2014), p.1-24.
  A.6 Donertas Kosem, S. and Ozdemir, Ö.F., The Nature and Role of Thought Experiments in Solving Conceptual Physics Problems. "SCIENCE & EDUCATION", 4, (2014), p.865-895.
  A.7 Yerdelen-Damar, S., Özdemir, Ö. F., & Ünal, C, Pre-service Physics Teachers’ Metacognitive Knowledge about Their Instructional Practices.. "Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education", 11, (2015), p.1009-1026.
  A.8 Bülbül, MS., Garip, B., & Özdemir, ÖF., Using A Force Concept Inventory Test With Visually Impaired And Blind Students. "European J of Physics Education", 6, (2015), p.20-31.

Conference Papers

  A.1 Cezmi Unal, Omer Faruk Ozdemir, University students’ perceptions about the laboratory environments and their interactions in a physics laboratory. "Frontiers in Science Education Research", (2009), p.119-127.
  A.2 Cezmi Unal, Omer Faruk Ozdemir, A physics laboratory course designed using problem-based learning for prospective physics teachers. "Frontiers in Science Education Research", (2009), p.111-116.
  A.3 Ufuk Yıldırım, Omer Faruk Ozdemir, Preservice physics teachers' knowledge about and use of students' pre-instructional thinking. "European Science Education Research Association", (2009), p.237.
  A.4 Cezmi Ünal, Haki Peşman, Ömer Faruk Özdemir, What is the north star of the teacher's: curriculum or national exams. "European Science Education Research Association", (2009), p.472.
  A.5 Sevda Yerdelen Damar, Omer faruk Ozdemir, Approaching to transfer from the perspective of actor-oriented model. "European Science education Research Association", (2009), p.313.

Publications (NATIONAL)


Book and Chapter in a Book

  A.1 Güneş, B., Ateş, S, Eryilmaz, A., Yürük, N., Özdemir, Ö. F., Kanli, U., Serin, G, Doğru Bilinen Yanlışlardan, Yanlış Bilinen Doğrulara: Fizikte Kavram Yanılgıları,. "Palme Yayıncılık", (2017), s.338.
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