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Assist.Prof.Dr DUYGU ÖZGE
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Phone :  +90312210 7545
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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Foreign Lang. Edu.
  Master's, Middle East Technical University, Cognitive Science
  Doctorate, Middle East Technical University, English Language Teaching


Project Work

  A.1 Development of spoken language comprehension processes in a verb-final language: Incremental interpretation of case marking cues in Turkish speaking children.. Projects funded within the scope The EU Frameworks Programs Career Integration Grants (PEOPLE - Marie Curie etc.) and Infrastructure Development Program (CAPACITIES) , 1 FEBRUARY 2013 - 1 MAY 2016. Researcher .
  A.2 Nöral olgunlaşma kuramlarına Türkçe?den bir bakış: Okulöncesi çocukların ve afazili hastaların farklı sözcük dizilişlerinde durum eklerini kullanma yetileri üzerine göz izleme çalışması. Projects funded within the scope of TUBITAK National Academic Support Programs Short term (shorter than 1 year) research projects with small budget (lower than 30.000 TL) ( 1002 etc.) , 1 NOVEMBER 2016 - 1 NOVEMBER 2017. Local Coordinator .
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