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  Bachelor's, Karadeniz Technical University, Civil Eng.
  Master's, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Civil Eng.
  Master's, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Engineering Sciences
  Doctorate, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Civil Eng.

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 M. Emin Kutay, Murat Guler and Ahmet H. Aydilek, Analysis of Factors Affecting Strain Distribution in Geosynthetics. "Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering", 132, (2006), p.1-11.
  A.2 Murat Guler, Effects of Mix Design Variables on Mechanical Properties of Hot Mix Asphalt. "Journal of Transportation Engineering", 134, (2008), p.128-136.
  A.3 Coleri, E., Guler M., Gungor, G. and Harvey J., Prediction of Subgrade Resilient Modulus Using Genetic Algorithm and Curve Shifting Methodology as an Alternative to Nonlinear Constitutive Models. "Transportation Research Record", (2010), p.64-73.
  A.4 Kök, B.V., Yilmaz, M. and Guler, M., Evaluation of High Temperature Performance of SBS + Gilsonite Modified Binder. "Fuel", 90, (2011), p.3093-3099.
  A.5 Sozen, S., and Guler, M., Determination of Displacement Distributions in Bolted Steel Tension Elements Using Digital Image Techniques. "Optics and Lasers in Engineering", 49, (2011), p.1428-1435.
  A.6 Waqar Ahmed Gul, Murat Guler, Rutting susceptibility of asphalt concrete with recycled concrete aggregate using revised Marshall procedure. "Construction and Building Materials", 55, (2014), p.3141-349.
  A.7 Murat Ozen, Murat Guler, Assessment of optimum threshold and particle shape parameter for the image analysis of aggregate size distribution of concrete sections. "Optics and Lasers in Engineering", 53, (2014), p.122-132.

Conference Papers

  A.1 M. Guler, M. E. Kutay, and A. H. Aydilek, Evaluation of Strain Distribution in Geotextiles Using Image Analysis. "Geotechnical Special Publications 130-142 & GRI-18; Proceedings of the Geo-Frontiers 2005 Congress", (2005), p.7.
  A.2 Murat Guler and Peter J. Bosscher, Rutting Potential of Asphalt Mixtures Using Concept of Shear Resistance. "Transport Research Arena, Europe 2006", (2006).
  A.3 Sozen, S., and Guler, M., Measurement of Small Strains in Steel Samples Using Digital Imaging Techniques. "8th International Congress on Advances in Civil Engineering, Sept. 15-17, 2008", (2008), p.8 pages.
  A.4 Ozen M., Yaman, I.O., and Guler, M., Investigation of Relationship between Aggregate Shape Parameters and Concrete Strength Using Imaging Techniques. "8th International Congress on Advances in Civil Engineering, Sept. 15-17, 2008", (2008), p.8 pages.
  A.5 Coleri E., Ozay O., Gungor A. G., Avsar C., and Guler M., Evaluation of Light Falling Weight Deflectometer for the Elastic Response of Unbound Materials. "4th International Symposium on Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterials, Sept. 22-24, 2008", (2008), p.8 pages.
  A.6 Guler M., Compaction Behaviour of Hot Mix Asphalt Using a Compaction Simulation Model. "Transport Research Arena Europe April 21-24, 2008", (2008), p.6 pages.
  A.7 W. A. Gul and M. Guler, Rutting behavior of asphalt concrete modified with recycled cement concrete. "The Sixth International Conference on Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Pavements and Technological", (2009), p.8.
  A.8 A. Qadir and M Guler, Effect of Aggregate Type and Rate of Temperature Change on Fracture Strength of Asphalt Concrete. "5th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE BITUMINOUS MIXTURES AND PAVEMENTS Thessaloniki, Greece, 1-3 June 2011", (2011), p.1-8.
  A.9 Ali Arabzadeh, Yalçın Karakaya, Murat Guler, THERMAL FATIGUE BEHAVIOR OF ASPHALT CONCRETE UNDER CONSTANT AMPLITUDE STRAIN LOADING. "94th Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board", (2015), p.12.

Publications (NATIONAL)


Conference Papers

  A.1 Sozen, S., and Guler, M., Determination of Deformation Distributions in Welded Steel Tension Elements Using Digital Image Technigues. "9th International Congress on Advances in Civil Engineering", (2010).
  A.2 Qadir A. and Guler M., Using Dynamic Modulus as an Indicator for Thermal Strength of Asphalt Concrete. "First Meeting and Technical Conference of the Middle East Society of Asphalt Technologists", (2010).
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