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  Master's, University of London, Economics
  Doctorate, University of London, Economics

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 Saziye Gazioglu and Aysit Tansel, 1.(), Job satisfaction in Britain: individual and job related factors, . "Applied Economics", 38, (2006), p.1163-1171.
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  A.5 Gazioglu S, McCausland WD, Interest rates and monetary policy. "APPLIED ECONOMICS", 41, (2009), p.2005-2012.
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  A.7 Gazioğlu Ş. & N. Çalışkan, Cumilative Prospect Theory Chalanges Treditional Expected Utility Theory’ Applied Financial Economics. "Applied Financial Economics", 21, (2011), p.1581-1586.

Conference Papers

  A.1 Saziye Gazioglu, Papers “Stock Market Return in Turkey” . "Caucasus and Central Asian in the Globalization Process , 02-05 May 2007 Qufkaz Universitesi, Baku,", 2, (2007), p.758-767.
  A.2 Şaziye Gazioglu & Ülkem Başdaş, “Investment Opportunities for Foreign Capital and International Financial Crisis: Evidence from Russia and Hong-Kong” . "Plaza Hotel , Dubai, 2008, 27th-28th March 8th International Business Research", (2008).
  A.3 Gazioğlu Ş. & U. Başdaş, Foreign Capital in Russia and Hong Kong: Postmortem of International Financial Crisis,. "published in Conferance proceedining, International Conferance on Euroasian Economies Beykent Univer", (2010).
  A.4 Gazioğlu Ş. & U. Başdaş, “A Decade after International Crisis in Asian Tigers, Hong Kong, The Latin American countries, Russia and Turkey “. "Thirty-First Annual Meeting of the Middle East Economic Association(MEEA), Allied Social Science Ass", (2010).
  A.5 Gazioğlu Ş. & U. Başdaş, A Decade after International Crisis in Asian Tigers, Hong Kong, The Latin American Countries, Russia and Turkey”. " International Economic Conference (organized by TEK), Girne, KKTC", (2010).
  A.6 Ş. Gazioğlu, ‘Recent Monetary Policy in Turkey: Capital Flows , Reserves and Exchange Rate’ . "International Conference on Eurasian Economics, Bishkek –Kyrgyzstan, 12-14 Ekim 2011", (2011).

Book and Chapter in a Book

  A.1 Saziye Gazioglu, Stock Market Financial Crisis and Capital flows in an Emerging Markets. "Emerging Markets and Financial Crisis: Capital Flow, Saving, Debt and Bank Reform", (2005), p.129.

Publications (NATIONAL)


Journal Papers

  A.1 Şaziye Gazioglu & Aysit Tansel, ‘Büyük Britanya: İş Memnuniyeti: Kişisel ve iş ile Ilgili faktörler’ . 2008:. "İktisat İşletme ve Finans", (264), (2008), s.79-92..

Conference Papers

  A.1 Saziye Gazioglu & Ulkem Basdas, ‘Banking Sector, capital flows and International Crisis’ Uluslararasi Finans sempozyumu 2007, Finance Sektotunde Yabanci Sermaye, Banksacilik ve Sigortacilik Yuksek Okulu, 14 Aralik 2007, 978-9944-250-15-3, pp313-327. "Finance Sektotunde Yabanci Sermaye,", 1, (2007), s.313-317.
  A.2 Şaziye Gazioglu & Ülkem Başdaş, “Investment Opportunities for Foreign Capital and Economic Fragility in Turkey. "ASSA Annual Meeting", (2008).
  A.3 Ş. Gazioğlu & A. .Bastiyali-Hafavi &Ö. Sezgin, ‘Stochastic Optimization with Jumps in a Brownian Motion: Application to self Financing Portfolio, Does Bequest Matter? (),. " Conference of Financial Engineering, Izmir Ekonomic University, Iktisat ve Idari Ilimler Facultesi", (2011).
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