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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, International Relations
  Master's, University of Manchester, European Studies
  Doctorate, University of Sussex, European Studies

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 Zerrin Torun, BOOK REVIEW of "The politics of security in modern Russia", edited by Mark Galeotti. "European Security", 20, (2011), p.298-299.
  A.2 Zerrin Torun, BOOK REVIEW of Eva Gross - The Europeanization of National Foreign Policy: Contunity and Change in European Crisis Management. "Uluslararası İlişkiler", 7, (2011), p.131-134.
  A.3 Zerrin Torun, International relations since the end of the cold war. new and old dimensions. "europe-asia studies", 67, (2015), p.506-507.
  A.4 Zerrin Torun, European National Identities:elements transitions conflicts. "Europe-asia studies", 67, (2015), p.1504-1506.
  A.5 Zerrin Torun, Bettina Westle & Paolo Segatti (eds), European Identity in the Context of National Identity. Questions of Identity in Sixteen European Countries in the Wake of the Financial Crisis. "Europe-Asia Studies", 69, (2017), p.537-539.
  A.6 Zerrin Torun, Alina Polyakova, The Dark Side of European Integration. Social Foundations and Cultural Determinants of the Rise of Radical Right Movements in Contemporary Europe. "Europe-Asia Studies", 69, (2017), p.174-175.
  A.7 Zerrin Torun, Dynamics behind the Europeanization in Crisis Management under the EU’s Security and Defence Policy. "METU Studies in Development", 44, (2017), p.95-114.

Book and Chapter in a Book

  A.1 Zerrin Torun, Turkey-EU relations: just another impasse?. "What Does Turkey Think?", (2011), p.57-61.
  A.2 Zerrin Torun ve Atila Eralp, European Values and Turkish Political Culture: Transformation of A Modernist Culture. "The Culture of Governance: The Black Sea", (2012), p.71-79.
  A.3 Atila Eralp, Zerrin Torun, Perceptions and Europeanization in Turkey before the EU Candidacy: An Overview of History. "The Europeanization of Turkey: Polity and Politics", (2015), p.14-30.

Publications (NATIONAL)


Journal Papers

  A.1 Zerrin Torun, The European Union and Change in the Middle East and North Africa: Is The EU Closing its Theory-Practice Gap?. "Ortadoğu Etütleri (Journal of Middle Eastern Studies , Ankara", 4, (2012), s.83-101.
  A.2 Zerrin Torun, The Debate on “Turkey as a Role Model". "Avrasya Etüdleri", 22, (2016), s.7-32.
  A.3 Zerrin Torun, Strengths and weaknesses of EU Police Mission in Bosnia Hercegovina. "Avrasya Etütleri", 22, (2016), s.7-24.
  A.4 Zerrin Torun, Why is a Moderate Constructivist Approach Necessary to Analyse Europeanization of Foreign, Security and Defence Policies?. "Ankara Avrupa Çalışmaları Dergisi", 15, (2016), s.161-187.
  A.5 Zerrin Torun, The Evolution of the Responsibility to Protect. "Avrasya Etüdleri", 23, (2017), s.29-51.
  A.6 Zerrin Torun, Doktrinde İnsan Güvenliği Kavramı: Destekleyenler ve Eleştirenler. "Gazi Üniversitesi İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi Dergisi", 19, (2017), s.223-241.

Conference Papers

  A.1 Zerrin Torun, A Case of Adjustment to a post-Western World? European Union and the Southern Mediterranean after the Arab Uprisings. "IX. Uludağ Uluslararasi İlişkiler Kongresi", (2017).
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