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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Chemistry Teacher
  Master's, Middle East Technical University, Chemistry
  Doctorate, University of Maryland, Chemistry

Membership and Awards



  A.1 OEMT2016 2nd International Conference on Organic Electronics. "Poster Award", (5.2016)
  A.2 ODTÜ. "Yılın Eğitimcisi Ödülü", (12.2016)


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  A.2 BAP Project. 2012.
  A.3 Journal of Nanopartticle Research. 2012.
  A.4 Chemical Communications. 2012.
  A.5 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2012.
  A.6 BAP. 2013.
  A.7 Journal of Materials Chemistry C,. 2013.
  A.8 Chemical Communications. 2013.
  A.9 RSC Advances. 2013.
  A.10 Micro & Nano Letters. 2013.
  A.11 Micro & Nano Letters. 2014.
  A.12 Journal of Materials Research. 2014.
  A.13 Journal of Materials Chemistry C. 2014.
  A.14 RSC Advances. 2014.
  A.15 Langmuir. 2014.
  A.16 Turkish Journal of Chemistry. 2014.
  A.17 Analytical Methods. 2014.
  A.18 TUBİTAK Proje. 2014.
  A.19 METU BAP Proje. 2014.
  A.20 TUBİTAK Projesi Rapor Hakemliği. 2015.
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  A.25 Serhat Özyar Yılın Genç Bilim Insanı Ödülü Hakemliği. 2015.
  A.26 BAP Projesi. 2015.
  A.27 Crystal Growth and Design. 2016.
  A.28 Nanoscale. 2016.
  A.29 Langmuir. 2016.
  A.30 RSC Advances. 2016.
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  A.36 TUBİTAK. 2017.
  A.37 Journal of Materials Research. 2017.
  A.38 ACS Applied Materials Interfaces. 2017.

Conference and Seminar Organization

  A.1 Turkish Chemical Society, IUPAC-Macro and Nano Science and Technology. "Turkish Chemical Society", (8.2013).
  A.2 ODTÜ Kimya Bölümü ve Türk Kimya Derneği, 29. Ulusal Kimya Kongresi. "ODTÜ", (9.2017).
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