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  Doctorate, Middle East Technical University, Engineering Sciences

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 A. Ergin, E. Karaesmen, A. Micallef and A. T. Williams, A new methodology for evaluating coastal scenery: fuzzy logic systems. "AREA , Quarterly", 36, (2004), p.367-386.

Conference Papers

  A.1 Asker, T. and Karaesmen, E., Analysis of Dynamic Bifurcation of Shallow Spherical Shells Using Wavelet Transform. "International Wavelets Conference", 1, (1998), p.73-77.
  A.2 Erkay, C., Karaesmen, E. and Karaesmen, E., A Study on Spatial Variability of Seismic Motion Through Planar Spectrum Analysis. "11th Conference on Earthquake Engineering", CD-ROM, (1998), p.88, Abst.V.
  A.3 Karaesmen, En. and Karaesmen, Er., Dynamics of Embedded Structures in Solid Medium in the Presence of Cavitation. "Fourth European Conference on Structural Dynamics, EURODYN'99", I, (1999), p.973-977.
  A.4 Karaesmen, E., Application of Generalized Inverse in Obtaining Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Vibrations of Cantilevered Beams. "Third International Conference on Differential Equations and Applications", 1, (2000), p.53-60.
  A.5 Karaesmen, E., Use of MP-inverse in Obtaining Approximate Periodic Oscillations of Shallow Spherical Shells. "ECCM- 2001, Second European Conference on Computational Mechanics", 2, (2001), p.938-940.
  A.6 Karaesmen, E., Probabilistic Analysis of the Effect of Wave Azimuth on Predicting the Reliability of Sites. "The Twelfth European Conference on Earthquake Engineering", CD - ROM, (2002).
  A.7 Erkay, C., Karaesmen, En. and Karaesmen, Er., Significance of Spatial Variation of Seismic Motion and Consequences Affecting Design Procedures. "The Twelfth European Conference on Earthquake Engineering", CD-ROM, (2002).
  A.8 Ergin, A.Karaesmen, E., Williams, A.T.,Micallef, A., Karakaya,S. and R. Dedeoglu, Coastal Scenery Evaluation: Application of Fuzzy Logic Mathematics at Turkish Sites. "COPEDEC Conference Proceedings", 1, (2003).
  A.9 Karaesmen, En., Karaesmen, Er., Significance of Global Efforts to Enhance and to Disseminate Robust Types of Adobe Dwellings in Seismic Regions.. "Int. Seminar on Arch., Const. and Conservation of Earthen Buildings;SismoAdobe2005; Lima, Peru.", CD, (2005).
  A.10 Karaesmen En., Karaesmen, Er., Influence of Developments in Science and Technology on Engineering Education.. "SEFI- 2005 Annual Conference", 1, (2005).
  A.11 Karaesmen, Er., Karaesmen En., Indispensable and Sustainable Activities in Engineering Education: Socio-Cultural Experince and Consilience.. "SEFI-2005 Annual Conference", 1, (2005).

Publications (NATIONAL)


Conference Papers

  A.1 Ergin, A., Karaesmen, E., Karakaya, T. and Dedeoğlu, M.R., Kıyı Alanları Doğal Yapı ve Kullanım Değerlendirilmesinde Bulanık Mantık Yöntemi Yaklaşımı. "4. Kıyı Mühendisliği Ulusal Sempozyumu", 1, (2002).
  A.2 A. Ergin, E. Karaesmen, E. Gezer and B. Uçar, Kıyı Alanları Doğal Yapı ve Kullanım Değerlendirilmesinde Bulanık Mantık Yöntemi Yalaşımı. "Türkiye'nin Kıyı ve Deniz Alanları (KAY) V. Ulusal Konferansı", 1, (2004).
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