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Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 Mohan Bhupal, On symplectic fillings of links of rational surface singularities with reduced fundamental cycle. "Nagoya Mathematical Journal", 175, (2004), p.51--57.
  A.2 Mohan Bhupal, Selma Altınok, Minimal page-genus of Milnor open books on links of rational surface singularities. "Contemporary Mathematics", 475, (2008), p.1--10.
  A.3 Mohan Lal Bhupal, Open book decompositions of links of simple surface singularities. "Internation Journal of Mathematics", 20, (2009), p.1527--1545.
  A.4 Bhupal, M and Özbağcı, B, Milnor open books of links of some rational surface singularities. "Pacific Journal of Mathematics", 254, (2011), p.47-65.
  A.5 Bhupal, M and Stipsicz, A, Weighted homogeneous singularities and rational homology disk smoothings. "American Journal of Mathematics", 133, (2011), p.1259-1297.
  A.6 M. Bhupal & K. ono, Symplectic fillings of links of quotient surface singularities. "Nagoya Math. J.", 207, (2012), p.1-45.
  A.7 M. Bhupal, B. Özbağcı, Canonical contact structures on some singularity links . "Bull. London Math. Soc.", 46, (2014), p.576-586.
  A.8 Mohan Bhupal, Burak Ozbagci, Symplectic fillings of lens spaces as Lefschetz fibrations. "Journal of the European Mathematical Society", 18, (2016), p.1515-1535.
  A.9 M. Bhupal & K. Ono, Corrigendum: Symplectic fillings of links of quotient surface singularities. "Nagoya Math. J.", 225, (2017), p.207-212.

Book and Chapter in a Book

  A.1 M. Bhupal & A. I. Stipsicz, Smoothings of singularities and symplectic topology. "Deformations of Surface Singularies, Bolyai Mathematical Studies", 23, (2013), p.57-97.
  A.2 Mohan Bhupal, Andras Stipsicz, Nonexistence of rational homology disk weak fillings of certain singularity links. "Proceeding of the 22nd Gökova Geometry-Topology Conference", (2016), p.202--217.

Publications (NATIONAL)

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