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  Bachelor's, UNIVERSITY OF WALES, Electric-electronic. Eng.
  Doctorate, UNIVERSITY OF WALES, Electric-electronic. Eng.


Thesis Supervised

  A.1 Noise Analysis and Low Noise Design of Feed Structures for Active and Passive Antenna Arrays. Phd Thesis. Şimşek Demir. (1998)
  A.2 Extraction of the Circuit Parameters of the MESFET Small-Signal Equivalent Circuit. Msc Thesis. İsmail Durmuş. (1999)
  A.3 Evaluation of DC Parameters of MESFET TOM Equivalent Circuit. Msc Thesis. R. Cumhur Kasımcan. (1999)
  A.4 Extraction and Scaling of TOM MOdel Parameters of GaAs MESFET's. Msc Thesis. Abdullah Çelebi. (2000)
  A.5 Design of a 500-1000 MHz MMIC Vector Modulator. Msc Thesis. Hüseyin Aydın Yahşi. (2002)
  A.6 Phase Control by Injection Locking. Msc Thesis. Göker Şener. (2004)

Project Work

  A.1 Active Phased Arrays and Array Fed Antennas. COST 245-TÜBİTAK, 1 OCTOBER 1997 - 1 OCTOBER 1997. Researcher .
  A.2 Doğrusal Olmayan MMIC Uygulamaları için GaAs MESFET ve HEMT'lerin Karakterizasyonu. TÜBİTAK, 1 FEBRUARY 1998 - 1 AUGUST 2000. Coordinator .
  A.3 Monolitik Mikrodalga MESFET'lerin Modellenmesi. AFP, 1 JUNE 1999 - 1 JANUARY 2001. Coordinator .
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