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  Bachelor's, Ankara University, Faculty of Humanities, History Of Art
  Master's, University of Chicago, History Of Art
  Doctorate, University of Ankara,, History Of Art
  Diploma, New York University,post doctorate, Architectural Conservation
  Diploma, University of York, short course, Architectural Conservation


Thesis Supervised

  A.1 Anadolu Selçuklu Dönemi Mimarisinde Sırlı Kaplama Kullanımı. Phd Thesis. Nakış AKGÜL. (2000)
  A.2 Characterization of Masonry Mortars used in Some Medieval Anatolian Seljuk Monuments in Anatolia (PhDThesis in Restoration, Architecture). Phd Thesis. S.Sarp Tuncoku. (2001)
  A.3 "A Study on Portal Composition and its Contyribution to Facade Design". Msc Thesis. Çağla CANER. (2002)
  A.4 Acoustical Properties of Classical Ottoman Mosques, Simulation and Measurements. Phd Thesis. İ.Levent Topaktaş. (2003)
  A.5 A Historical- Contextual Approach for the Identification of Built Heritage in Historic Urban Areas: Case of Galata District in İstanbul. Phd Thesis. Hicran TOPCU. (2004)
  A.6 Documentation and Examination of Historic Building Materials for the Purpose of Conservation.. Msc Thesis. Musa Tokmak. (2005)
  A.7 A Study on Possible Foreign Impacts on the Sungur Bey Mosque in Niğde . Msc Thesis. Didem Esin. (2005)
  A.8 The Citadel of Ankara: Aspects of Visual Documentation and Analysis Regarding Material Use. Phd Thesis. Hasan Sinan Sülüner. (2005)

Project Work

  A.1 A Study on the Properties of Medieval Glazed Ceramics in Anatolia (proposal No: ERB 3514PL 972598). Pact Euro-Med Glaçures Project, 1 NOVEMBER 1998 - 1 DECEMBER 2001. Researcher .
  A.2 Divriği Great Mosque,Photogrammetric Documenttion Project. Vakıflar Genel Müdürlüğü, 1 JULY 1999 - 1 JULY. Researcher .
  A.3 Excavation and Documentation,Tekfur Sarayı, İstanbul Research : Documentation of the Glass finds.. Ministry of Culture, 1 JULY 1999 - 1 JULY. Researcher .
  A.4 Accomodation of pre-Islamic Symbolic Elements into Islamic Architecture (13th-15th centuries). UNESCO, 1 JANUARY 2001 - 1 JANUARY 2002. Researcher .
  A.5 Ortaçağ ve Sonrası Dönemlere Ait Kazılardan Çıkan Cam Buluntuların malzeme özellikleri,yapım teknikleri. Disiplinlerarası BAP Projesi, 1 APRIL 2004 - 1 APRIL 2005. Researcher .
  A.6 13.Yüzyıl Akşehir Seramiklerinin Malzeme ve Yapım Tekniklerinin Arkeometrik Yöntemlerle Araştırılması. Disiplinlerarası BAP Projesi, 1 APRIL 2005 - 1 APRIL 2006. Researcher .
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