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  Bachelor's, University of London, Civil Eng.
  Master's, University of London, Soil Mechanics
  Doctorate, University of London, Soil Mechanics
  Diploma, Imperial College, University of London, Soil Mechanics

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 Mirata, T., Gökalp, A. and Şakar, M., Achieving Higher Normal Stress Levels in the Prismatic Wedge Shear Test. "Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Eng.", 1998, (1998).
  A.2 Tosun, H., Mirata, T., Mollamahmutoğlu, M. and Çolakoğlu, N.S., Shear Strength of Gravel and Rockfill Measured in Triaxial and Prismatic Wedge Shear Tests. "Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering", 4, (1999), p.Ppr9903.
  A.3 Mirata, T., Varan, M., Seçkin, A. and Gün, F., Applications of the Cylindrical Wedge Shear Test to the Study of Undisturbed and Compacted Soils. "Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering", 4, (1999), p.Ppr9902.
  A.4 Mirata, T., Discussion on 'A device for Extracting Large Intact Soil Samples Developed and Used in a Remote Region of Bolivia' by Ian Coker & Roger Flores.. "Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering at:", 6, (2001).
  A.5 Mirata, T., A Semi-automatic Displacement Recorder. "Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engneering at", 6, (2001).
  A.6 Mirata, T., Discussion on: "Development of a New In-Situ Direct Shear Test" by H. Matsuoka, S. Liu, D. Sun, and U. Nishikata. "Geotechnical Testing Journal", 25, (2002), p.342-343.
  A.7 Mirata, T., Further Discussion on "A Device For Extracting Large Intact Soil Samples Developed and used in a remote region of Bolivia" by Ian Coker and Roger Flores, EJGE, Vol. 5, 2000 . "Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering", 5, (2002).
  A.8 Türker Mirata, Tanfer Gürler, A Modified Way of Testing Filters for Clay Cores of Embankment Dams . "Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering", 9, (2004), p.1-8.

Conference Papers

  A.1 Mirata, T. and Azimli, F., İri Çakıl Oranının Plastik bir Kilde Drenajsız Kayma Dayanımına Etkisi. "4th International Congress on Advances in Civil Engineering", 4, (2000), p.1801-1808.

Publications (NATIONAL)


Journal Papers

  A.1 Mirata, T., Dar Pabuçlar. "Türkiye Mühendislik Haberleri", 46, (2001), s.33-35.

Conference Papers

  A.1 Mirata, T., Total Stress Approach for Shear Strength of Unsaturated Soils. "XV. International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering", 1, (2001), s.607-608.

Book and Chapter in a Book

  A.1 Türker Mirata, Manual for Wedge Shear Testing of Soils (pdf version). "Türker Mirata via METU Computer Center", (2004), s.170.
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