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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Civil Engineering
  Master's, Middle East Technical University, Civil Eng.
  Doctorate, University of Florida, Dept Of Civil And Coastal Eng

Publications (INTERNATIONAL)

Journal Papers

  A.1 GREGG M. C., E. OZSOY and M. A. LATIF, Quasi-Steady Exchange Flow in the Bosphorus (In press). "Geophysical Research Letters", -, (1998), p.-.
  A.2 GREGG, M. C., E. ÖZSOY and M. A. LATİF, Quasi-steady exchange flow in the Bosphorus.. "Geophysical Research Letters.", 26, (1999), p.83-86.
  A.3 Malanott-Rizzoli P, Manca BB, et al, The Levantine Intermediate Water Experiment (LIWEX)Group: Levantine basin-A laboratory for multiple water mass formation processes. "Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans", 108, (2003), p.2-1/2-24.

Conference Papers

  A.1 DEMIROV, E., M. A. LATIF, and V. DIACONU, Physical processes of surface-deep layers exchange in the Black Sea. " Sensitivity to Change: Black Sea, Baltic Sea and North Sea", (1997), p.285-294.
  A.2 ÖZSOY, E., M. A. LATIF, S. BESIKTEPE, N. ÇETIN, M. C. GREGG, 6, The Bosporus Strait: exchange fluxes, currents and sea level changes.. " Ecosystem Modelling as a Management Tool for the Black Sea.", 2, (1998), p.1-27.

Publications (NATIONAL)


Journal Papers

  A.1 YILMAZ, A., I. SALLHOGLU, M. A. LATIF, S. YEMENICIOGLU, Oceanographic investigations related to a sewerage outfall in Mersin Bay. "Turkish. J. of Engineering and Environment Science.", 22, (1998), s.155-167.

Conference Papers

  A.1 BESIKTEPE, S. T., E. ÖZSOY, M. A. LATIF, T. OGUZ, Marmara Denizi'nin hidrografisi ve dolasim özellikleri.. "Ulusal Deniz Bilimleri Konferansi. Bidiri Özetl", (2000), s.7.
  A.2 LATIF, M. A., E. ÖZSOY, Dogu Akdeniz osinografisinde gelismeler.. "I. Ulusal Deniz Bilimleri Konferansi. Bidiri Özetleri", (2000), s.7.
  A.3 ÖZSOY, E., M. A. LATIF, S. BESIKTEPE, V. BELOKOPYTOV, N. ÇETIN, S. SANCAK, A., Istanbul Bogazi'nda üç boyutlu akintilar, su seviyesi degisimleri ve çevre denizler ile iliskileri.. "I. Ulusal Deniz Bilimleri Konferansi. Bidiri Özetleri", (2000), s.6.

Book and Chapter in a Book

  A.1 GÜCÜ, A.C., M.A. LATIF , M.OKYAR, E. ÖZSOY, Z.UYSAL, A. YILMAZ, 2000: Akdeniz.. "Akdeniz, Marmara denizi, Türk Bogazlar Sistemi, Karadeniz ve Atmosfer Alt projeleri,1995 - 1999 dö", (2000), s.23-142.
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