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  Bachelor's, Middle East Technical University, Second. Sch. Sci. & Math. Edu
  Master's, Middle East Technical University, Science Education
  Doctorate, Middle East Technical University,

Membership and Awards



  A.1 Türkiye Fulbright Eğitim Komisyonu. "Fulbright Akademik Araştırma Bursu", (8.2017)


  A.1 BAP Project. 2011.
  A.2 Educational Technology and Society. 2011.
  A.3 Applied Education Congress 2012 -METU. 2012.
  A.4 BAP. 2012.
  A.5 Journal of Educational Technology & Society. 2012.
  A.6 Journal of Educational Technology and Society. 2013.
  A.7 2013-2-EĞİTİM TEKNOLOJİSİ 3 Proje Değerlendirme Paneli. 2013.
  A.8 Educational Technology & Society Journal. 2014.
  A.9 ODTÜ Teknokent Projeleri. 2014.
  A.10 İstanbul - Aydın Üniversitesi BAP. 2014.
  A.11 ODTÜ - BAP. 2014.
  A.12 Journal of Educational Technology & Society. 2015.
  A.13 Evaluation H2020-ICT-20-2015 - Technologies for better human learning and teachi. 2015.
  A.14 Educational Technology & Society Journal. 2016.
  A.15 H2020 2016-2017 - Technologies for Learning and Skills (ICT-22) EU Project Eval. 2016.
  A.16 Computers in Human Behavior Journal. 2016.
  A.17 ODTÜ BAP. 2016.
  A.18 TÜBİTAK SOBAG Proje Değerlendirmesi. 2016.
  A.19 Computers in Human Behavior. 2017.
  A.20 IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies. 2017.
  A.21 Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. 2017.

Conference and Seminar Organization

  A.1 Yaşar Özden, Irmak Altunsöz, Feza Korkusuz, Ömer Delialioğlu, ...., APPLIED EDUCATION CONGRESS - 2012. "Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Education", (9.2012).
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