Academic Staff Roster includes academic activity information for 2017 and before; therefore the visible titles of faculty members may not be up to date. Academic activity information for 2018 and onwards can be tracked through AVESIS (Academic Data Management System).

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  Bachelor's, ANKARA UNIVERSITY, Curriculum And Instruction
  Master's, NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Computing & Teach. Tech. Edu.
  Doctorate, Middle East Technical University, Computing & Teach. Tech. Edu.

Membership and Awards



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  A.3 YÖK. "Kısa Süreli Yurtdışı Araştırma Bursu", (6.2013)
  A.4 METU. "METU Incentive Award", (6.2015)
  A.5 ODTUGV. "Article Award", (2.2015)
  A.6 ULAKBIM. "Publication Award", (2.2015)
  A.7 ODTUGV. "Article Award", (2.2015)
  A.8 ULAKBIM. "Publication Award", (2.2015)
  A.9 METU. "METU Incentive Premium for Performance", (7.2017)


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  A.39 TUBİTAK. 2017.
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